Woodland War: Warlords!

Come one, come all to Woodland War! This year our theme is Warlords and once war is over the theme will continue throughout the rest of the September, until we have a victor who controls the most lands of Woodland.

For those who haven’t played yet, Warlords is a long term game of cunning and strategy. The goal is to be the Warlord who controls the most lands of Woodland by the end of seven rounds which will be played throughout Woodland war and the five weeks following. Each round may have multiple melees to determine control of specific lands in Woodland. Throughout the game, Warlords and their teams will gain advantages based on lands they control. They also may earn gold which can be used to purchase other advantages such as reinforcements or one time opportunities. There is negotiation and backstabbing, all in gambits, big wins, and devastating losses. Maybe even a chance to switch loyalties? It’s a great opportunity to fence in a high stakes game. And it’s fun!

Schedule of Events

Friday Night

6 pm Woodland Cup Tourney:

As per tradition we will hold a tourney to determine the Woodland War champion, look out this year though, this Champ will also be a Warlord.

Following the Woodland Cup:

Fencers will compete for the remaining 3 Warlord positions in a trilogy of situations. (Each game will test a different skill so that in the end we will have 4 very different styles of Warlords. This makes the over all game much more interesting because each personality will approach the game differently.)


At the end of Friday night Warlords will determine their team which they will play with for the rest of the game. These will be small teams but the Warlord is guaranteed to have these fencers on their team each round. Don’t worry though, if you’re not picked by a Warlord you will still get the opportunity to play for several different Warlords throughout the game. You may even end up being a game changer.


9 AM

Site opens and Site fee is due. This is 2$ for Shire Members, and 5$ for everyone else. Donations to help cover the park rental and prop costs are always appreciated. (Thank you!)

Come warm up with pick up fights and get in the Spirit of WAR!

10 AM

Warlords begins!

12 PM

Lunch break. There will be no on-site food amenities but you’re welcome to brown bag it, or head down to Station Park to get a bite to eat. If you bring food to the park try to keep your consumption Covid safe by social distancing.

1 PM

Fighting resumes until we complete the planned melees. Or we all drop dead from exhaustion. Or both. Both is good to.

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  1. From my past experience as a warlord, I would say “Strategic”. Of course, I’d need more info on how we’re classifying these.

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