Winter Warrior Challenge: Week 2

This week our challenge will focus on the Foundational Pillar of Safety, and it will be Mental challenge. As Swordsman we believe in being safe both on and off the field.

There are obvious on the field consequences when fighters are unsafe. Injuries, loss of respect, loss of trust. Over all damaged reputation. However when we fight safely we have fun, our opponents have fun, and the game goes on. I’ve noticed over the years that the Safest fencers also tend to fight the most because they are trusted and respected. This means they get in more practice time. Which, if you’re following the math here, that means they will eventually be better fencers.

This equivalency applies off the field as well. If we are safe, those around us feel safe and they respect and trust us. Applying our Swordsmanship in this way we make the world a better place by being Safe. Safety is the first thing we teach people when they join us, and it should be the most constant attribute. Even on days when having a good Attitude slips we can, and should, always be Safe. On and off the field. That is Swordsmanship.

This week‘s challenge is a good opportunity for you to dig further into this Foundational Pillar. Instead of considering it a ‘no brainer’ take some meaningful time, 20 minutes is my suggestion, to own your fencing journey by accepting this weeks grab-bag-like challenge. Designed by Edward and Evanlyn, (thank you!) you have the opportunity to do as many of these as you’d like. You can also make them as hard as you would like. Please continue to share with us here on the site, or on the Facebook, as you learn and grow from this experience.

Choose one or more of the following:

  • Freshen up on basic lessons: Basics of Dueling, Basics of Melee, Breaking Shots. This challenge has lots of room for increasing difficulty. As a point of interest to you, this year the officers and I are going to test a different way of teaching Newcomers. Their lessons will now include the Breaking Shots lesson.
  • Study fights on our two YouTube channels, or this one, or any others you search out, and watch for ways the fighters are being safe: Please share the cool stuff you find! Watching fights and analyzing them is one of the best ways to become a better fencer. For additional help on this challenge check out this article: How to Analyze a Fight, by Kane.
  • Make a list of the 10 ways you can be safe at fencing, on or off the field, and put it in your fencing journal: In my article on Safety I addressed some ideas for being safe off the field. Check it out and let us know what you think. If you haven’t started a fencing journal this particular challenge is the perfect opportunity. Or if it’s been a while since you wrote in it this is a chance to renew the habit. I highly recommend keeping a fencing journal. Journals have been a great help to me. There are several posts here on the site you can look to for inspiration.

These are all great challenges! Well done Edward and Evanlyn. I look forward to doing as many of these as I can this week. I want to be a Safe fencer, so that those around me feel safe and so that I can improve my fencing as well.

You’re amazing. I believe in you Winter Warriors! Shaky tail!