21 Ideas of Things You Can Contribute to the Website

As the 2020 Season rapidly approaches, many of us are shaking off the winter rust. You might be working through this year’s Winter Warrior Challenge, attending Master’s School, or looking forward to all the fun events that are being announced, All great options, but I want to remind you of a way you can get involved in the group that will not only help you, but it will also help the group and that’s by contributing to the website!

If you have thought about contributing, but haven’t known what you could do, here are 21 ideas of things you can contribute. Click on each one you’re interested in to learn more.

TL;DR If you don’t want to read about all these great ideas, click here to skip to why I think you should get involved.

1. Add a Journal Entry

2. Write Lore/Persona Stories

3. Schedule Events

4. Make a List

5. Teach with How-To’s

6. Do a Q&A

7. Document a Case Study

8. Share Quotes

9. Conduct an Interview

10. Post a Review

11. Compare a Thing or Two

12. Round-Up Stuff

13. Rant about Your Opinions

14. Share a Success Story

15. Share Your Failures and What Not to Do

16. Set Some Goals

17. Publish your Research

18. Draw a Diagram or Chart

19. Post Photos/Videos

20. Show off your Handwritten Notes, Sketches, Brainstorms or Art

21. Chronicle the Group History

How This Will Help You and the Group

What a bunch of cool ideas, right?! The possibilities are endless and it’s as easy as just picking one of them that sounded interesting. But how is this going to help you and the group?

Well, I understand that the website is unfamiliar territory for many people and seems inaccessible. Even the thought of sitting down to write an article can be scary and anxiety-inducing. I get it, but I have found that when you take the time to contribute back into the group, you get more out of it. As you ponder on your amazing chosen subject(s), you’ll spend more time thinking about the group and you’ll generate new thoughts. You’ll learn more and you’ll feel more deeply about what this group has to offer. It will stop being just something you do on the weekends, but a venue to express yourself and to grow. It has helped me and I know it will help you too.

Additionally, the more people who contribute to the group’s pool of collective knowledge, the richer and more vibrant the group will become. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Terrasylvae is a community of people and thrives when there are many different voices joining in. Things get awfully bland when only one person is talking. So if you want to help the group, add your voice. Speak up. Get involved. You know more than you think and there is so much the group can learn from you specifically.

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