Agincourt: Longswords versus Arrows

Welcome to the first Ranger-sponsored Terra Sylvan event! Come play some war scenarios and enjoy some Ranger skills with us. You don’t have to be a Ranger to attend – in fact we hope we’ll get members from the other companies as these fights will get more fun with bigger armies! We especially challenge. . .er. . .invite our fellows from Iron Thorn to come demonstrate their prodigious skill!

For the sake of safety, the archers will be using the Nerf bows we have played with before, and the polymer Longswords will be modified with pool noodle casings. This way we can shoot/bash on each other without a lot of special equipment!

The event will open with Target practice for all. You are welcome to simply come practice shooting even if you don’t want to play the scenarios. We will have regular practice, plus plenty of time to get a feel for the nerf bows, as they handle quite differently. Next we will go to the scenarios: First, an open field battle, where the “Knights” (longswords) (and shield wall? Hopefully?) will charge the Archers who will be supported by a few infantry armed with buckler and dagger. Second, the archers will defend the castle against the attacking knights’ army. Third, we will have the King’s Guards ambushed by Outlaw Rogues along the highway. We should have time to play these a couple of times, giving everyone a chance to experience both sides. After scenarios, Don Corazon will host a fire-building competition for all who wish to join! I challenge at least my fellow Rangers to participate! Finally, if we have time left, we can practice stealth/listening by returning to The Forest of the Blind Rangers. What is that, you ask? Awwww. . .well, that’s your punishment for missing Iron Thorn’s Quest event last spring. But you have another chance to satisfy your curiosity on March 15!

Thanks to Don Corazon and Renald for coming up with the concept for our event, as well as most of the activities! We’re open to ideas about other possible scenarios and activities. Get in touch with me, Tillie, or Don if you have suggestions. Also, we are trying to scrape together as many nerf arrows as we can find, so if you have some you can bring or lend, please let us know. Hope to see lots of you there!