Berserker Baking

As with most warm mornings in Woodland, this one begins with Kane Driscol walking down to Shay’s bakery to get his morning bread loaf, however upon reaching the shop he was greeted by an unusual sight. There, in front of him asking what bread he wanted, was Sylas in apron instead of his standard grayed armor.

He watched with suspicion as he walked off to get the loaf he ordered and Shay came up to explain that Sylas noticed how she enjoyed cooking and asked if he could help as he wanted to try baking. Soon Sylas returned and handed Kane his loaf. Due to Sylas playing several pranks on Kane this last week he closely inspected his loaf and found nothing out of the ordinary. Shrugging, he continued along his way, little did he know Sylas had prepared a special loaf for him and hid a particularly potent pepper in the center of his otherwise normal bread.

In a few hours, Rhiannon arrived for her loaf to discover the same unusual sight before her. Shay explained the reasoning behind the berserker as Rhiannon stated, “Well if you really think this will work I wish you good luck, but I wouldn’t advise leaving a berserker to learn cooking in a wooden kitchen.” When Shay inquired why Rhiannon simply said “that.” And Shay turned around to see that Sylas had amassed a sizable amount of flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the wooden table and lifting a large amount of dough to place on the table.

She began to call out for him stop, but it was too late. Sylas slammed down the dough as the shops windows blasted out a mushrooming white cloud. Rhiannon, aware enough to duck behind the counter, witnessed a true feat of redecorating as the once plain walls instantly had a clear line at the height of the counter and above it was pure white.

Shay quickly told Sylas where the cleaning supplies were and then began on Rhiannon’s loaf herself. As Rhiannon began to walk from the store she looked back to wish Shay luck yet again, just in time to view Sylas punch a hole through the wooden table while kneading the dough. Deciding that she may want to escape the blast radius from Sylas, she quickly left the shop.

As the hours and many more Terrasylvans passed through they observed the growing list of calamities in Shay’s shop. Thayne and a few other Terrasylvans entered the shop to see the chaos caused by Sylas. “Hi Sylas… that’s a nice apron you have there.” were the only words Thayne could say as he saw the berserker. They promptly took their bread and left.

Lastly was Damian, who entered and was struck with dismay at the sight before him. The walls still had trace amounts of flour, several gaping holes were in the table Shay prepared dough on, several of her clay bowls were left in pieces and ash covered several cooking trays. Soon, he spotted Sylas and everything became clear before a cruel grin crossed his face and he declared loudly so Shay could hear “make me eight more loaves!” and he thought for a moment he could hear Shay’s soul scream for mercy as it fled from the shop.

As Sylas prepared to return to his home to gather his gear for training he turned to Shay and said “you know, I think I enjoy cooking, let me help again sometime.” Upon this statement and seeing the berserker walk contentedly home, Shay decided it would be in her favor to bring Sylas back the next morning to berserker proof the shop.

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  1. Well Sylas, you’re lucky I’m pretty well versed in spicy peppers or else that would have been really mean. You have merited revenge though 😉

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