Fencing Practice: April 9, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Melee/Openish… Lets call it unique

At the start of practice please make an effort to warm up and stretch while you’re gearing up. The time between 5:30 and 6 is for this purpose. And for chatting and roll etc… We want you to be able to fence a good long time, and a proper warm-up is essential for healthy feet, knees, and shoulders. (All necessary bits for fencing. 😉 )

We will have Lessons for Students from 6-7. Please read before you arrive. And Swordsman will have a half-hour of Open Workshop followed by a half-hour of Student assisting.

From 7-when we feel like we are done, we will have our activity time. This is our first Swordsman planned practice of the year. We so appreciate our volunteer swordsman who helps with running these. They put a great deal of time and effort in, and these practices are always so fun! Thank you, Martin. This will be a fun activity time for sure, but we need your input to make it work. If you haven’t seen his post yet, please do so, and let Martin know your 5 songs. (keep it family-friendly.)




If you didn’t pay last week please do so this week.

5 Songs

If you didn’t read the above, please let Martin know the 5 songs that get you pumped up for fencing! You can Band Message him or answer in the comments below his Website post. Or telegram or something.

BAND Thank you now on to Website

Thanks for helping us test BAND. I super love it. But now we need Website helpers to see if we can meet all the Shire needs there. Let Kane know your experience. And, thank you very much.

Mess Post Dress / Whatever the men folk are up to

If you missed it… Lorcan and Isabeau got married. And we want to celebrate Terrasylvae Style. Ladies we will meet at 11AM in Lower Woodland field this Saturday. Wear clothes that can be ruined, and bring a garbage bag to sit on for your journey home, because you’ll be a terrible mess. Also bring a messy treat to share. No plates, napkins or utensils, in keeping with the theme.

Gents… be available and present and you’ll have fun. Most likely.

Shay’s Thoughts

I have no profound thoughts this week. I simply find myself very happy with fencing right now. This season is going so well! Your positive Attitudes are inspiring and making it a great year. Thank you!