Fencing Practice: August 27, 2021, and Woodland WAR

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Melee WOODLAND WAR

Lessons will still be taught at the beginning and then we will have WAR!



Demo Opportunity

We have a request for a Demo. This hasn’t happened for the wider group for a while. So it’s very exciting! Don has a group of young men who would like to see not only some dueling but also a pretty sizeable melee. So we are taking volunteers for as many people who can make it to North end of Ogden on September 8, at 6:30 PM. Look for a poll in Band after War.

Shay’s Thoughts

Woodland War Outline


This portion of war will take place during normal practice. We will be determining the winners of both the Horrors Uncategorized, and the Lake Monsters, Sea Creatures, and Wyrms in General brackets. The Winners will move on to the concluding rounds of Cryptids Tourney on Saturday. This includes the final debate between the Sirens and the ROUSs! So bring a dollar to buy a ribbon to show your support. (Or wear an old ribbon if you already bought one.)


9:30 AM

Troll Opens the cost is 5$ for non-Shire Members and 2$ for Shire Members. If you can’t afford the site fee there is work to be done, you can earn it.

10:00 AM

Semi-Finals. Best two out of three. This has the potential for 6 awesome melees!

Lunch Break

Either bring a lunch or be ready to run and get one at lightning speed, shaky tail, quick fast fashion.

30 Minutes After that

Woodland War Tourney. Lorcan, last year’s Woodland Cup winner will host a tourney to determine this year’s champion. They will get to host next year.

After that (remembering we only have the park till 4)

Cryptids Finale! Best two out of three concluding with an ALL SLAUGHTER! The Cryptid winner will be the best cryptid of all time and the new King of the Cryptids in Woodland. May the best monster win!