Helpful Guide for Novices

Preparation for Swordsman

You’ve come a long way since your journey began as a Newcomer. By now you should have developed a foundation of the basic and fundamental skills of a sword fighter. Now, as a Novice, it is a time of discovery!

The things you learn as a Novice will cover much of what fencing has to offer, but it will not focus on depth. Each lesson will introduce potential paths that may or may not interest you. The reason behind this madness is to prepare you for your time as a Swordsman. That is where you will learn depth of skill.

As a Novice, your goal is to get a taste for all the many options that lie ahead of you in your future studies. Try each new skill and practice it thoroughly to see if it is something you’d like to pursue further as a Swordsman. You should also learn the meaning of Swordsmanship beyond just prowess with a sword. The elements of Honor, Camaraderie, and Dedication are crucial to being a respectable swordsman.

Additionally, as a Novice, you will face many challenges that we see time and time again. Mentally, you may be haunted with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt caused by comparing yourself to others, or even on the other end of the spectrum, an insatiable need to win. You may also find that certain skills or techniques won’t come easily and these physical challenges may seem insurmountable. Learning how to overcome both mental and physical kinds of obstacles should be part of your preparation for becoming a Swordsman.

Don’t feel scared if you experience setbacks during your time as a Novice. This is the time to practice facing them and gaining the tools you need to learn and study independently as a Swordsman. At the end of your training, you will have to prove yourself and convince the Captain that you are ready to take the Swordsman’s Oath upon yourself.

“I pledge my word to uphold the company honor, to give my loyalty and support, and to defend the name of the Company. I will follow the appointed leaders and fight for the Company with a ready swords for as long as the Company remains honorable and just, in both name and deed.”

– The Swordsman’s Oath.

What’s Next for a Novice?

With regular attendance you will progress through the Novice Lessons in approximately 8-12 months. These lessons will expose you to the broader possibilities that await you as a fencer. With your Novice lessons completed, you will graduate from the Order of the Rose Training program and earn the rank of Swordsman!