It’s About Time!!!

Hey Everyone! We’re just a few days away from kicking off another great year in Terrasylvae. I hope you’re excited!

To commemorate the new season, which starts this Friday (March 1st) at 5:30pm in Woodland, I’ll be sharing a short little post every day this week. These posts will have announcements, treats, and other goodies to get you ready. I’ll keep them brief so you can glance through them in just a few moments.

For your first treat, here is a little sampler of what we have planned this year! More details will be forth coming as the year progresses.

  • March: Damian’s Birthday Star Wars Bash ( Click here for the Facebook event ) & Iron Thorn’s: Vernal Quest (Click here to check out the Facebook event)
  • April: Steamfest!!!!
  • May: The Shire’s 20th Birthday! Woot! πŸŽ‚
  • June: Terrasylvae Camping Trip ( Let’s all go and rough it out in the woods! πŸŒ²πŸ•οΈπŸŒ² )
  • July: Mystery Event
  • August: Woodland War & Diplomacy! βš”οΈβš”οΈβš”οΈ
  • September: Harvest Ball & High Tea ( We can be fancy too! β˜•)
  • October: Halloween Night Games & Spook-tacular (We’re in for a ghoul-ish time this year. πŸ‘» )
  • November: Mystery Event
  • December: Caroling in the Woods
  • January 2020: Twelfth Night

And those are only the big Shire events! Just wait and see what else is in store for every Terrasylvan!

Here are some more :

Winter Warrior Challenge

This challenge is meant to help you work on very basic fencing skills for 100 days. That’s just enough time before the fencing season starts again. Simply mark off each day you complete the exercise which will progressively get more and more challenging as time goes on.


What is a Tournament Experience?

A Tournament Experience is a unique experience because it really depends on each and every one of us. If we can come together and work towards having a tournament experience, we can all walk away with the memories of a wonderful and exciting event!


What event are you most excited for?

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