Kane Driscol


Lore Questionnaire:

  1. What do you look like?: I look like myself. I’m of average height, but side on the tall side. I would describe my frame to be wiry, and topped with disheveled short brown hair, gray-blue eyes, and a scruffy short beard to highlight my jaw line. I would not consider myself dashing in anyway.
  2. Where do you call home?: I’ve had many homes. Within Terrasylvae, my personal hut is found at the base of an outcropping of rocks in Middle Woodland. I grew up in Bishop’s Castle on the border between England and Wales, but I’ve also called the open roads of France my home. I’ve also spent time in New France with the frigid winters and humid summers along the St. Lawrence River. My distant homes call to me often.
  3. Describe your childhood and general upbringing: Being the son of merchant middle-men, I spent much of my youth around the family business although I was left to my own devices since my parents were busy with their own affairs. Our shop was a hub and exchange post for those traveling between England and Wales and so I experienced many travelers and cultures. When I wasn’t playing with the caravan children, I’d go and play in the fields and forests outside of town. My favorite place was a quiet creek.
  4. What are your best qualities?: I feel that my best qualities are my valor and tenacity. I’m dedicated to my skill and my people, and I will fight for what I believe in. My inner fire has given me strength and allows me to push through many difficulties.
  5. Describe your worst qualities or vices a.k.a your bad habits: Despite my best efforts, my intensity can go beyond what is required or appropriate and that can be off putting or upsetting. Additionally, I have an internal belief to see the best in people and an expectation for them to live up to their potential. On the less serious side, I do occasionally disappear and travel for no other reason than I want to. Even if it means leaving my responsibilities behind.
  6. Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer?: My ideal styling of clothes are utilitarian. I don’t enjoy frilly or fancy clothes and instead lean more into the simple durable fabrics and leather. I love a good set of buckles and pockets and flowing cloaks. I often carry my satchel along with my sword, containing the necessities. Those necessities are my weapon, food (apples, in particular), note paper, and a simple towel.
  7. Describe your personality in two words: Direct and precise
  8. Describe your favorite things: I absolutely love my hidden fruit orchard where I grow an assortment of fruits that I’ve collected throughout my travels. In particular, I love my home bred variety of apples. Additionally, I love peace and quiet along the banks of a babbling stream or the crashing waves of the ocean. Water, in a general, if I have to be blunt. I also love a good fight and a test of skill.
  9. Describe the things you dislike: I don’t like to beat around the bush and I’d much rather speak when necessary. I hate the heat, loud, unnecessary noise, and large crowds. They get on my nerves and make my blood boil.
  10. What things should others know about you?: That I am not always as serious as you might think I am. I do have a lighter, more jovial side. That side just seems to come out in my private circles.
  11. How do you feel you fit in the group? What role do you fill?: I definitely aim to be a leader within the group and I focus on motivating others to rise to their potential.
  12. What principle do you value most in life?: Valor. The belief in going above and beyond the call of duty.
  13. What is your most treasured possession?: My first sword, Charlotte. She has and continues to serve me well and has never disappointed me when I needed her.
  14. Who do you value most in the world?: It may seem odd, but I value myself the most.
  15. Who (or what) is your Nemesis?: Failure and Merek Blackkoven.
  16. Who (or what) do you owe allegiance to?: I owe my allegiance to the people of Terrasylvae and the Woodland, my friends, to myself, and to the people I’ve travelled with along my journey.
  17. What do you need most?: A never ending project to progress. I need knowledge, wisdom, and skill. I also need food, but that’s a given.
  18. Describe one Social, Professional, and/or Romantic goal: My current goal is to strive towards becoming a Master Swordsman and making sure I continue on that path.
  19. How do you believe your goal(s) can be accomplished?: I believe that I can accomplish my goal by never settling and to push myself and my limits.
  20. What event or action in your life do you regret the most?: Not killing Blackkoven when I had the chance.
  21. What event or action in your life are you proudest of?: Serving as Captain in the Order of the Rose.
  22. What have you been doing the last few years of your life?: Serving as Captain has been my primary focus and defending the Woodland Realm from outside forces, particularly Blackkoven. Now that I have passed the Captaincy on, I continue to dedicate myself to the pursuit of swordsmanship.
  23. What are you skilled or talented at?: The art of swordplay has been constant focus for me, but I have also dabbled in many discipline. I have spent time in the kitchens of France and the wood shops of the American Colonies for example.
  24. Which, if any, of the Woodland Guardians do you have an affinity towards?: Sylvanus has shared his fire with me and lit a fire inside my belly. He set me on my path.
  25. Any additional details you’d wish to include?: Speaking as Quinton: Kane, to me, has always been my vision of who I’d like to be. He has been the mask I wear to face the challenges of life and give me strength. His passion and drive inspires me to excel and push forward. It’s in his name. Kane means “little battler” and Driscol means “from the place of wild roses.” If you are wondering why I’m being so “intense” it’s because that’s who Kane encourages me to be.