Lore Persona Development Questionnaire

The following questionnaire is meant to inspire and document your unique and exciting persona that you’ve developed in Terrasylvae. The questions can be answered as your persona or from your own perspective, but either way, take a moment to consider each questions and answer them as best as you can. 

Once submitted, we will review your information and add it to our library for Terrasylvan Lore! A copy of your work will be e-mailed to you as well. If you prefer to complete a handwritten form, download and print the PDF, then turn it into Kane, Lorcan, or Zarka.

Here are some more :

I Hate Paperwork

“What would an average day look like for Kane?” I asked myself. You may be surprised that it’s not all high-flying action and derring-do. After some thought, I realized that an average day meant paperwork. And Kane hates paperwork.

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Elydrie rose to her feet, now dubbed a Swordsman of the Order of the Rose. As the company cheered, Elydrie smiled as she saw the faces of many loved ones. She had found a place in her heart for each one of the Terrasylvans. They were her family. Elydrie’s smile faded as she realised she would soon be leaving them.

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What is your favorite aspect of developing a persona?

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