Requirements to Form a Company

A Company within the Shire is considered one of the larger more active groups, both in the number of participating members and in the types of activities they hold through out the year. Companies start out as Guilds but, after meeting the requirements below, have since received Company status.

Pre-Requisites to Form a Company

Any Guild may form a Company if they:

  • Have 3 members with a current Shire Membership
  • Have 7 active participants
  • Maintain, at least, 10 regular members
  • Have been in existence for at least one year

If those requirements are met, a Guild can be officially recognized as a Company within the Shire.

Access for Companies

After being officially recognized by the Shire, Companies can receive access to the following:

  • Access to posting Company activity and events on the website
  • Announcement time at the end of Company/Shire activities
  • May receive a Company Banner
  • May declare their own Company fees
  • Access to Shire funds
  • May hold a fundraiser during the year
  • Company Leader receives a seat on the Shire Council