Requirements to Form a Guild

A Guild within the Shire is an officially recognized club, but has fewer members or smaller activities than that of a Company. After meeting the requirements below to official form a guilds, they may seek to acquire Company status.

Pre-Requisites to Form a Guild

Any members may form a guild if they:

  • Have 1 member with a current Shire Membership
  • Have 4 active participants
  • Hold at least one regular meeting for 3 months
  • Declare and open the Guild to anyone in the Shire

If those requirements are met, the club can be officially recognized as a Guild within the Shire.

Access for Guilds

After being officially recognized by the Shire, Guilds can receive access to the following:

  • Access to posting Guild activity and events on the website
  • May make announcements at other Company/Guild activities, if discussed with the Company/Guild leader beforehand
  • Can ask for shoutouts at events