Shire Proposal 10 – Keepers of Tradition

Proposal – Keepers of Tradition

Goal- To set Keepers of Ceremonies, Philosophies, Mantras and Teachings for Companies in Terra Sylvae.

Reason- To ensure that the core of a company maintains its originals traditions, teachings, and Titles unless agreed upon by those who dedicated time to its development, but also to adapt to an ever-changing group.

Keepers- While a company starts and builds the role will change until those who are seen as masters will take on this role

Original Captain- this is for a new company that has started, all decisions will be made.

Current Captain, Original Captain, Seneschal- Only time Seneschal has a say in this.

Current Captain, Previous captain, Original Captain- This maintains itself until masters are created.

Master, Current Captain, Original Captain-After the first master is made.

All Masters & Current Captain- this is the final for a company with 2 or more Master’s in it.

Under the Purview of the Keepers

  • Name of the Company
  • Rank names
  • Oaths
  • Mantras
  • Awards and names
  • Coat of arms/ Banners
  • Training Manuals