Shire Proposal 11 – Shire Seneschal Election

Proposal – Shire Seneschal Election

Goal- Set up a election system for the position of Seneschal and deputy Seneschal


When- Every two years, on the Shire Birthday in May. Exception 1) Person in charge wishes to serve only 1 year.  Exception 2) No other eligible person wishes to run. If for any reason the Seneschal must step down prior to election Deputy Seneschal will take their place

Eligibility– 5 years in any group, 3 continuous years a paid member active participation in more than 1 group and its events (should there be more than 2).                                                                                      

  • 1-2 active groups-  80% in on group,    
  • 3-4 active groups- 80% in one  40% in a second,      
  • 5-6 active groups- 80% in one, 40% in a second,  20% in a third

Eligibility to vote- 1 full year a paid member and active participation in Shire

Process- All eligible candidates are sent a form asking if they would want or be willing to run for office, 1 month prior to Birthday. All Persons who are willing send back the form with 1 page expressing the reason for running or pitch for candidacy. At the event, all eligible voters receive a ballot and read the candidate’s pitch. The voter gives his top choice (worth 2) and his second choice (worth 1 but only if there are more than three candidates) Then cast vote. The top 3 council members (must not be running) will tally votes. The one who receives the most is declared Seneschal and 2nd most Deputy Seneschal.

Duties of the Seneschal

  • Promote and strengthen the shire as whole not just a single group
  • Participate in at least 50% of all shire functions
  • Set up shire calendar for each year
  • Take funds through donations and Memberships
  • Support the groups though the funds and promotions
  • Oversee the Council
  • Support the Members
  • Host events to promote shire and groups within
  • Organize the shire though officers and Groups