Sylas Lorundr


Lore Questionnaire:

  1. What do you look like?: 6ft tall, long black hair with a scraggly beard. Gold eyes. Relatively muscular
  2. Where do you call home?: A small hut in the lower outskirts of woodland built over a river with a forge outside.
  3. Describe your childhood and general upbringing: Born in the Ulfhednar village of Holmer and raised as a blacksmith until the age of 9 where Sylas was kidnapped and enslaved until the age of 21 where he escaped and met Terrasylvae.
  4. What are your best qualities?: Kind and open to others, Stubborn
  5. Describe your worst qualities or vices a.k.a your bad habits: Stubborn, berserker, gruff and awkward in social situations.
  6. Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer?: Darker earthy clothes, normally and green or brown tunic with grey pants, normally wearing armor that has been greyed or covered in ash to remove any reflection that might give position away
  7. Describe your personality in two words: Socially inept
  8. Describe your favorite things: Fruits especially berries, cooking (sorry shay), blacksmithing, hunting.
  9. Describe the things you dislike: Demons and those who consort with them.
  10. What things should others know about you?: Ulfhednar are werewolf berserkers, Sylas is an Ulfhednar, beyond that they were shamanic warriors and as such Sylas uses herbs and minerals is rituals for medicinal potions and pagan magic.
  11. How do you feel you fit in the group? What role do you fill?: Very much an Iron Thorn soldier, but in the Rangers whenever no active wars are on going
  12. What principle do you value most in life?: Helping others regardless of the cost
  13. What is your most treasured possession?: Arondight, the hand and a half sword Sylas took upon his escape from slavery.
  14. Who do you value most in the world?: The villagers of Holmer
  15. Who (or what) is your Nemesis?: Veron. Veron has hunted werewolves, and worked with demons (Haute)
  16. Who (or what) do you owe allegiance to?: Terrasylvae?
  17. What do you need most?: Something to do. Always.
  18. Describe one Social, Professional, and/or Romantic goal: Obtain, as many of the legendary weapons of Norse mythology as possible.
  19. How do you believe your goal(s) can be accomplished?: Searching for and preforming whatever tasks to obtain them
  20. What event or action in your life do you regret the most?: Failing to save a small village from a demons tricks
  21. What event or action in your life are you proudest of?: Killing the demon, painfully.
  22. What have you been doing the last few years of your life?: Blacksmithing and caring for the armor of his old master.
  23. What are you skilled or talented at?: Blacksmithing, fighting, hunting, medicines and foraging
  24. Which, if any, of the Woodland Guardians do you have an affinity towards?: Titania
  25. Any additional details you’d wish to include?: Nope