Sylvanus’ Beginnings

Long ago, when the woodlands of Terrasylvae were more vast and wild, before humans had roamed these parts to settle in, dragons were numerous and immensely territorial. Each dragon laid claim to substantial areas of land and defended it with fangs and talons like oversized grizzly bears. Any intruders to a different dragon’s territory resulted in immediate onslaught- if it didn’t end in death, the scars left from the attack would be a reminder to not come back.

In the lands that would someday become Europe, there were mainly two types of dragons here- the four-legged European dragons, and the two-legged Wyverns. The Wyverns tended to stay in the mountains where they had reign over the skies and cavernous roosts, and the Europeans stayed in the dense forests below, building dens from fallen trees or digging burrows.

These dragons lived for thousands of years, but hunted each other to the point of endangerment of extinction. They’d expand their territories by hunting the others and marking the lands as their own, amassing larger and larger lands for themselves. Eventually there were less than a hundred dragons left in this continent.

In one particular cavern in the mountains, amidst a nest of burning branches and hot embers, a set of three eggs sat in the red glow of the coals, gently wobbling from time to time. Nestled around the hot fire, a mother wyvern softly nudged each egg, coaxing the baby reptiles within to finally make their appearance.

One by one, tiny cracks split across the steaming eggshells, and soon, tiny scaly noses poked out of jagged holes trying to find their mother. The mother wyvern helped her babies out of the eggs, and stood the three next to each other to admire her four years of effort.

One dragonling was tall and slim, and his scales shone a radiant red like his father. The second was a shimmery bronze that glistened in the red glow of the fire, much like her mother’s scales. The third, however, was very different from his brother and sister. He was much bigger than his siblings, and his scales were a pure, bright white. Something that the mother wyvern had never seen before. He towered over his brother and sister, and his mother wondered how something so big could have fit inside the egg he was just in. However, she loved him just the same, and cared for all three offspring with the determination to grow great dragons for the future.

The white dragonling grew incredibly quick over the years, growing strong and powerful muscles. When playing with his siblings, he never failed to overpower them and win their play fights. He ate twice as much as them, too. His mother knew she had nearly nothing to fear when it came to his survival. He learned to hunt like a natural, he took to the skies like a brother to the clouds, and he seemed to pure for this earth. Whenever a larger predator threatened his siblings, he stood his ground and fearlessly defended those closest to him. He helped his mother hunt and provide for the family.

He was a protector and powerful being. And he grew into his power as he aged into adulthood…