Tips and Tricks for your Fencing Toolbox

A trip down memory lane

A while back Kane and Miren ran a great discussion about adding tricks into your fencing ‘toolbox.’ It was a fun activity that got us thinking about the small details of sword play that can make huge differences. During the activity they handed out a stack of post-it notes and fencers old and new wrote down tips and tricks that have worked for them on their fencing journey. Recently these post-it notes came to light once more. Aside from being a great trip down memory lane these ideas are now available for you to play with and add to your own fencing toolbox. Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

Be en garde

Definition: taking the opening position for action

I like to throw out small, meaningless shots at my opponent to gauge how they will react based on what I do. Especially if I haven’t fought them much before.

Someone Brilliant

Feint to one side to encourage your opponent to block, then attack on the opposite side.

Snipe your opponents hand early in the fight.

Wiggle your buckler as a distraction

Sword Dance

Suck in your gut!

Good posture can save you in a fight

By moving your back foot a subtle step to the right or left you can change the angle of the fight and gain dominance along the center line.

  • Use your size to your advantage
  • Change your hand guard to match the situation
  • Switch up your fighting style often

The combination of a short sword and a long sword enables quick ranges swaps between hands

When using a single sword, switch hands throughout the fight.

Against the inside edge of your opponents sword draw a “C” moving towards their body. This clears their blade while you go in for a shot.

– Veron

I use music to set a fencing tempo as well as to be more assertive and less defensive.

– Zarka

Feint strike at the ground before angling the shot upward to strike your opponent.

Very gradually close range to your opponent while circling them.

  • Make good use of the swoop step in and out of a refused stance to quickly increase and decrease range.
  • Aim to strike your opponents forward leg or dominant hand. If you don’t succeed use the miss as a multiple attack opportunity and go in for the kill

Go in to your fight with the goal to move constantly. Being more offensive and more assertive you will naturally strike more, and by striking more you’ll land more shots than you would by simply being defensive.

Thank you to all those who contributed during this activity. If you have a tip or a trick that didn’t make it in this article please add it to the comments below!