Vincent’s Story Chapter: 3

“Why did you offer to pardon him?” Lorcan asked Kane. “Do you even have that power?”

“I find that offer very persuasive.” Said Kane. “Plus, I think we can use him. He seems different. I have many questions left unanswered.”

“You guys do realize I can hear you, right?” I said. “Ask those questions and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.”

“Okay,” Kane said turning to me. “First, what is your name?”

“Vincent, my name is Vincent.” I answered.

“Good, I believe you. Where are you from?”

“A village two days travel by foot from Blackoven.”

“Why did you leave?”

“My village kicked me out after killing a dragon and going insane.”

“You don’t seem crazy to me. I mean besides almost killing Draco.”

“Well, how do I explain this?” I asked myself.

“Start with the truth.” Grimm suggested.

“Okay, I can see the human form of the dragon I killed.” I explained. “He says, he merged his soul with me.”

“Okay, if I haven’t heard of this before I would think you were crazy.” Kane said. “We can help. I can train you to use him to your advantage and to resist him.”

“I don’t like the sound of that, but I agree.” Grimm said. “You need them. I support you.”

“Let me guess, he just disagreed?” Kane Driscol asked

“No Grimm actually agreed.” I said puzzled.

Early the next morning at the shire…

I awoke to Kane shaking my bed. “You missed breakfast at five. You have twenty minutes to get ready for the day.”

“Why so early?” I asked.

“We’re a military operation and we have rules.”

“Okay, then what’s my uniform.” I asked.

“A simple shirt will do.” Kane answered. Meet me in my office when your done. I’ll be a minute.” Kane ran out the door and then turned left.

Opening my closet, I found a white dress shirt and put it on. I found a selection of rapiers and daggers. I decided I wouldn’t need them. Grimm appeared next to me out of thin air.

“What the?” I said startled. “How?”

“I was in my den.” He explained. “Do you have a minute?.”

“Sure,” I said. “Walk with me to the captions office.”

“Okay, how do I phrase this?” Grimm said looking nervous. “If I can control you that means you can control me.”

“Cool, how?”

“You can’t now.”

“What, you just said I could, didn’t you?” I said stopping and turning to him.

“I don’t currently have a body.”

“How do we get you one?” I asked.

“I need to talk to a young dragon by the name of Sylvanus. He gave his blessing some time ago.” He explained. “I need you to accompany me. I can’t go alone.”

“Why?” I asked as I arrived to the captions office.

“Because I can’t go more than roughly a hundred meters away from you.” He said looking sad. “Trust me I’ve tried. I just start to fade away, it really hurts.”

I knocked on the door and heard a quick “Come in.” I opened the door to find Kane surrounded in paperwork. “So, were you talking to him just then?” He inquired.

“Yeah,” I said, “How did you know?”

“Eyes and ears everywhere.” He said smiling. “No, you probably shouldn’t talk to him so loudly. There might be spies, you never know.”

Deciding to tell the captain, I said, “Grimm thinks we- I mean him and I- need to go on a quest to find the dragon Sylvanus.”