Vincent’s Story Chapter Four

A sour smell hit me. The the door burst open and someone walked in. “We’re under attack.” said Laddy.

“By who?” I asked as I was standing, a quicksilver rapier already formed in my hand.

“Who would attack a place of learning?” asked Kane. “That’s a low Blow, That is.”

“I don’t know,” Said Laddy. I started toward the door.

“Stay,” Said Kane.

“Okay,” I said not wanting to get in trouble. When they left I started searching for that bad smell.

“That’s the smell of death kid.” said Grimm staring out the window. “We need to leave.”

“Why?” I asked

“That guy who’s attacking is a guy by the name of Mors Tenebris.”

“What?” I said recognising the latin. I had only been taught a little, but I knew his name ment “Dark Death”.

“He’s looking for me.” Just then the door flew open.

“Go! Get out of here!” the captain commanded. “Go on your quest. It’ll be safer than Tenebris.” He handed me my cloak of shadows and I put it on. I pulled the hood up and vanished. I walked out of the office and headed for the forest.

As I was leaving I heard a deep raspy voice say, “Grimm, where are you? I know your weak. Hand over the locket.”

When we were safe in the forest, I asked Grimm, “What was that about? What locket”

“Take my hand,” Grimm reached out and took my hand (my invisibility had no effect on him or Shadow for some reason). I felt a cold sensation wash over me as the light went black. We were now in a large dark underground cavern.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“In my lair.”

“Did we teleport?”

“No, We traveled to a different dimension.” He said. “Welcome to my home. We are safe for now. When we return you and I will be in the relative aria. Come with me” We walked down a small corridor. As we walked, the walls looked more and more like the interior of a large castle.

We came into a huge throne room. The walls were adorned with silver and black banners. Where the throne should have been there was a large glass case. In the case there was a small locket with mistirus runes on it.. Grimm went up to the case and pulled the small necklace out and handed it to me. As I put it on, I felt its power run through me and I felt like I could run a thousand miles. “You can.” Said Grimm as if reading my thoughts. “It will bind my magic to your now inmortal form.”

“What?” I asked. “I can do magic?’’

“Yes, but what type?” he said. “I would think drakonic would be the easiest.” He then took my hand, and we were back in the daylight. I squinted to see the battle I could still hear. I heard this unearthly moaning. “Run!” Grimm said, looking rather pale.

The last  thing I heard before the battle fade away was Laddy yell, “I hate necromancers!”

I ran as fast as I could. I seemed to be flying across the ground faster and faster. I was soon leaving Grimm behind. “Hey,” He said. “Slow down. How are you even going that fast.”

“I think my new form is stronger.” I said.

“Just run,” Grimm said. “I will catch up. When you reach the creek stop, and I will find you.”

“But, how?” I asked.

“My form is growing stronger, I think I could almost reform.”

“Okay?” I asked Grimm.

“I am going to try.”