Vincent’s Story: Chapter One

My name is Vincent and this is my story. I awoke to screaming. I rushed to my closet grabbing the item the knight said would stop my problems. Then I rushed out the door of my hut. I lived alone. My parents were killed by this beast, I was going to avenge them. The spear I held was made from dragon tempered steel. The tip was black, and the shaft was made from the elder tree. This spear was sacred to my people, I was sacred. The village elders had seen my future, I was destined to kill this beast.

The huge black beast was hovering over the butchers hut. It seemed to be trying to communicate with the guy. I spit black flame. The time was right, I felt a foreign power run through my veins. My perception deepened. My muscles strengthened. My bones tangled.

I sprung myself onto the dragons back, swinging my legs over its neck. I jabbed my spear through its neck. I roared with furry. I rode it back to its cave. I dragged the tip down its spine. It cut like butter. I landed on my feet, spear posed for defence. I jumped to the side as it slashed at me.

I saw intelligence in its eyes. I hesitated as its talons went through my chest. It raised me to it mouth. As it opened its mouth I thrust my spear through its skull. It fell dying, like me it was in pain. “No, you can’t feel pain. Your not smart. YOU ARE EVIL!” I yelled at it.

“No, your evil. You bear the same weapon that killed my mother.” it grumbled. “By the way we’re not alive, dead, that’s what we are.’’

“Somehow, I feel not dead.” I said with a sarcastic air.

“Well, technically we are in a coma while are souls merge.”

“What? Coma?”

“It’s a death like state were the body heals”

“Oh, wait soul merging? That’s dark magic.” I said in astonishment.

“Come on, I’m Grimm the phantom dragon.” Grimm said

Pain, all I felt for the next hour or so before I blacked out. I awoke at night in an empty cave. There was a small fire burning next to me and a tall pale man was standing over me. I had a sneaking suspicion he was the infamous Grimm in human form. “Your awake, I was getting worried we would have to get the shovel.” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“There was a fifty-fifty chance you could have died.” he said. “Small price for power.”

“What? My life is meaningless to you?”

“No, I need you alive.” He said. “If you die, I die. I really don’t want to die.” he shuddered. I had a feeling he knew what it felt like.

“Okay?” I said. “I too young to die. I guess I’ll help you.”

“Oh you’ll help me now. Weren’t you the one trying to kill me!”

I stood up. “I wasn’t the one trying to destroy a village.” I marched right up to him. I threw my fist at his face, it connected. I screamed in pain as he just smiled at me. Grimm literally blew out the fire.

“Lets go,” he said. “Were going to the village I failed to destroy.”

I broke the flint tip of the spear, I figured I could use it like a knife. We walked down the mountain path to the village. I realized that the village was so close to the cave. I felt like they were coming into my territory. I looked at Grimm who I knew these feelings were coming from. I smiled, empathy for a dragon. As we approached the village, the guards rushed to greet us.

“Halt!” they yelled in sync. “Stay where you are Vincent.” said the first “You know the drill.”

I handed over the knife as they searched me. “Your clear, but, maybe you could put on a better shirt. Is that dragon’s blood or yours.” I looked down now just noticing the shirt had a huge hole in it.

“That explains the breeze.” I said under my breath, as I walked by. I noticed Grimm was not searched. Not even acknowledge. That puzzled me. They always pat strangers down. As I walked through the village, people came and greeted me with enthusiasm. When I got to my hut I walked in, not expecting the town priest to be there.

“You did it. I knew you could.” The priest said. “Change out of those filthy rags.” I happily obliged. “Wow, we have a dragon slayer in our midst. But, I sense something truly evil.”

I turned to Grimm, “This is my new friend, Grimm. He is the dragon that I failed to kill.” I said with sarcasm. The people in the hut started to murmur.

“That confirms it, you’ve gone crazy. I have to do this.” the priest sat up and in an official sounding voice said, “Vincent, I banish thee to walk alone out of this village,” people gasped. I had a feeling they already knew this. “You are to never come back. I shame you. I hate you. I have no need for your sorry face. You have ‘till sundown.” I gasped this time.

“I should have warned you, only you can see me.” Grimm said. “I guess I have to come with you. You’ll need me.”

“You think.” I said as the people in my hut filed out. I grabbed my travel bag and stuffed with cloths. I grabbed my huts keys, if I couldn’t have it, no one can. I grabbed my torch and my dagger. I grabbed a bed role and tied it up. I also got a length of rope. I lit the torch and set fire to my hut.

As I walked away from the fire, I smiled. I felt the heat on my back, and I loved it. I immediately regretted it. Why was I smiling? Was I becoming an evil like Grimm. No, I was better than that.

I was three miles out when the sun went down, and I decided to set up camp for the night. Grimm didn’t help a bit.


When morning came, there was a falcon sitting on a high branch. Grimm was climbing up to the bird. “Hey, help me light a fire!” I yelled to him.

“No, this pest keeps swooping down and pecking at me.” Said Grimm with frustration. “But, I will help you cook this.” He swung his fist at the thing, but the bird dodged and countered with a slash of its talons. Frustrated, started striking my flint with the dagger Igniting a small flame, which I stoked to a raging fire. I heard a loud thump. I turned to face the fallen Grimm.

“You catch it?” I mocked him. “It seems trained.” I held out my arm and whistled. The raptor flew to my outstretched arm. “See, it is trained. Hmm, I think I’ll call you Shadow.”

“You can’t be serious. Were not keeping him.” Grimm said with a tone of defiance. “I hate birds with a burning passion.”

“Well, we’re keeping him.” I said. “I’ll need help hunting.” I turned to address Shadow. “Hunt for us, will you?” The bird nodded and flew off.

“Thanks for losing our food source, Vincent!” Grimm said.

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