Vincent’s Story: Chapter Two

The falcon came back in half an hour, clutching a dead rabbit in his talons. To my surprise, Shadow dropped it at my feet. “It came back.” I said to Grimm. “I feel like I know this bird.”

“Yeah, me too.” Grimm said in wonder. “Cook that rabbit or I will.”

“You’ll burn it!” I said skinning the little beast. “I going to keep the fur so I can sell it for money.”

“Don’t worry about money,” Grimm said. “I still have access to my hoard.”

“Were miles away from your cave. And I didn’t see anything in there.”

“That was where I lived, not where I hid my bounty.” He said. Reaching into thin air, he pulled out a small leather sack stuffed with gold coins. I gasped in astonishment.

“Your a wizard.” I said. “Gimme.”

“No, I’m a dragon.” He said handing over the coin purse. After cooking the rabbit we ate and packed up. The falcon landed on my shoulder as we left.

When the sun approached the western horizon, we set up camp near a rushing river. Grimm helped this time. After I sent the bird hunting, I went down by the river to refill the canteens. The steel water bottles hit a hard object. I dug in the silt to reveal a small wooden chest.

I took the box back to the camp. Finding Grimm I said, “Hey, look what I found as I was filling the canteens.” Grimm rushed to me and looked curious. “When shadow gets back, I am going to open this.”

“After we cook what he brought back, you mean. I’m starving.” Grimm corrected me. “Where is that bird?” Just then, Shadow landed on my shoulder and motioned with his head for me to follow, which I did. He landed on a pine tree. I looked past the tree and saw a bustling city. “How are we going to cook that?”

“Let’s not.” I replied. “I’m not that hungry.” I joked.

“Okay, then let’s go to the night market.” Grimm said. “Here where this cloak.” he pulled a black cloak from his den. “This is a shadow cloak. It will allow you disappear in plain sight whenever you want.”

“Okay,” I said putting the dark cloak. The fabric was extremely soft and warm. “It feels so good.”

“Okay, let’s go down into the city of Blackkoven.”

“Wait, that’s the capital?” I asked in wonder. “It’s so big. I don’t like it. The keep looks good, though.”

“I always hated the king.” Grimm said. “He spends too much money on parties and military. Watch your pockets.”

“Okay,” I said walking through the gates. We walked to the town square. Shadow landed on my shoulder. I pulled my hood up over my head. The aroma of bread and cinnamon. I walked to the nearest stand and bought some bread. As I walked out, I bumped into a tall man wearing an unusual amount of purple. “Sorry, so sorry.”

“Your okay, child.” He said looking nervous. “My name is Damian.” He leaned close. “You never saw me.” With that, he walked off.

“Okay,” I said to Grimm. “That was weird.”

“Yeah, I agree.” He said. “I think we should report him.”

I walked up to a city solder and said. “I saw a man acting strange.”

“Kid, you look like your from a small village.” He said. “But, around here we all act strange to small children. Tell me if you see a dragon.” he finished with a sarcastic air.

Grimm passed me a small dagger. Then I said, “Yeah, me.” Grimm smiled broadly and I felt my hand thrust forward. I tried to fight it, but Grimm will was stronger than my own. I, or Grimm rather buried the hilt in his stomach. I pulled the hood over my head. I felt a tingly sensation. I looked down and I could not see myself. I walked back to my camp in a stupor. “I killed a man.”

“If it is any consolation, he didn’t die. Plus, we learned something.” he paused. “I can control you.”

“Don’t do it again.” I turned to shadow. “Go find that Damian guy.” The falcon left to find the man.

“Let me distract you. What about the chest.” Grimm suggested.

“Oh yeah, that’s right the chest I found in the river.” I walked to the makeshift shelter and reached the chest. I found the chest locked with a big metal lock. “This lock looks familiar.” I Said in astonishment.

“Not to me.” Grimm said. “I’ll get a rock to smash it with.”

“Wait,” I said as I pulled my key ring out of my pocket. I tried the smallest key and it fit. I gently turned the key and the lock popped loose. I gasped in amazement as many emotions crossed my mind. I opened the chest to see a large journal and a small box. I picked up the book and ran my fingers over my family crest.

“What’s in the box?” Grimm said eagerly.

I gently opened the book finding that the pages were preserved and dry. The chest must have been watertight. I looked over the writing Finding it to be similar to my own hand. I opened the small box to find a small vile of a liquid that shined like silver. “What is this?” I asked Grimm.

“Quicksilver.” He said in amazement. “Open it and let the creature out.”

“Creature?” I asked. “No, it’s mercury. It’s dangerous.”

“No, this is a creature called quicksilver.” He said correcting me.

I uncorked the vile and dumped it’s content into my hand. It shot for my wrist and pricked me. “Ouch,” I said. “It bit me.”

“No, it locked into your conscience.” He said as the silver mass pulled itself into my wrist leaving a small silver dot. “Try forming it into a shape.”

“What?” I asked rubbing my wrist. “I can do that?” I focused. The thing came from my wrist and formed into a silver little me.

“Wow,” Grimm said. “I always wanted one of those. Lucky.”

I made the little me hold a tiny dagger, Still silver. Then, the little guy melted back into my wrist. “That was hard.” I said sweating. “But, it was fun.” I stood up and went to meet the returning falcon. I split the bread in half and gave some to the bird. Then I packed the camp up.

“I have an idea.” Grimm said grabbing the bag. “I can use my den as a backpack.” He said making the pack disappear. I knew it wasn’t gone forever, but I still panicked inside a little.


“I swear that bird is following me.” Said Damian.

“That’s ridiculous,” Said Kane. “Raptors don’t stalk men.”

“That falcon has been with us ever since that kid stabbed that guard.”

“Head guard.” Corrected Draco. “That was our informant.”

“Why did the kid do what he did?” asked Kane. “What did you say to him, Damian?”

“Guys don’t argue.” said Rasputin. “We’re almost back to Terrasylvae.”

“Yeah, that’s the river border.” Said Lorcan. The five men found the row-boat they used to cross earlier in the week.

“The falcon just disappeared again.” Said Damian. “It’s leading something, I think.”

“Stop being paranoid.” Said Draco. “Wait, what was that.” They all turned to a loud snapping sound. “Who goes there?” they all yelled in unison.

“Look, the falcon landed on a branch. And  oh, I told you so.” Said Damian.

They all unsheathed their rapiers. “Get in the boat.” Someone yelled. They obeyed and with the oars they pushed the boat away from the shore. On the other side, they exited the boat. “Gah!” yelled Draco. They all turned to look at me as I held a dagger to Draco’s throat.

“No one move a muscle or he gets it.” I said. “Oh, and thanks for giving me a ride.”

“You weren’t in the boat.” Said Kane. “And release my friend and I will pardon you from your crimes.”

I let go of Draco and pushed him forward. “Thanks,” I said. “Sorry about that. I need an audience with you. I wish to join you country.”

“Okay?” Said Kane, he seemed to be the leader. “But you have to tell us everything. We’ll take you to the keep were we train.”

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