Want to improve in fencing? Maybe try doing something else.

Ok, so let me explain that title. 

The last masters school that I went to, we practiced Kane’s Katas. They are great learning tools that can be found on the website. I highly recommend them. You can find them here.

I decided that I would work on footwork that day, and as I was going through the different positions that Kane was teaching us, I realized something. 

First some background info, I took dance lessons for a little over 14 years. I’ve mainly danced ballet, but I’ve danced tap and ballroom as well. One of the things we focused on as dancers was grace and flow as we danced. As I was working on footwork, I found that some of the techniques that I had learned in my years of dance applied to what I was learning at fencing. I could make my steps more fluid and controlled. Looking back, it has even affected my stance! I know I am not the only one who has noticed this.

Before fencing, Veron wrestled. Veron uses a lot of amazing body mechanics as he fences. He knows how to use his body to get an advantage while he fights. You can see it most evidently in the way he fights, as well as in his explanations after a fight. He has said that wrestling has helped him maintain balance while fighting and using his body mechanics to give him an edge. 

There are many different activities that can help you as a fencer. Drakis and I discussed at length how playing basketball could help with gauging shots, range, footwork, and endurance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Volleyball puts a lot of focus on being quick on your feet, and using different parts of your body to control where the ball goes when you hit it. Marching band, hockey, and even running can help in your efforts to be a more skilled fencer. I know of a few fencers that are either currently participating or have participated in some sport or extra curricular activity that has helped them improve their skills and find their fencing style.

When I first started fencing, I thought it was vastly different from dancing. While there still are plenty of differences, I’ve noticed during my fencing journey that my dance training carries over to my fencing. I’ve come up with a few ideas for my own training that I’m going to try out, like practicing footwork, attack, and block drills to music. I encourage you all to find ways that you can train, even if they are a little unconventional. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below! Fight on! ?

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  1. Becca, this is fantastic! It’s so true too. Physical skill in other areas of your life play directly into your fencing.

    I use juggling all the time as a fencer. The quickness and steadiness of juggling helps with my speed, accuracy, hand eye coordination, and motion arcs while doing off hand and hilt work.

    I’ve also noticed that because of marching band I have a pretty good connection to how my feet feel in a fight. I know where they are and I don’t trip over my toes.

    I’ve been through thai-chi as well and that helps with mind muscle connection in motion. Yoga helps while standing still.

    I agree with you very much that our other skills make us better fencers. Including any training that helps discipline our minds. Reading, writing, art, debate, the list is endless!

    What a great article!

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