Week 1: Reflect on the Season in Your Journal


Accomplish at least 6 of the following listed activities by the end of the week.

Meditate: Take 10 minutes to meditate about this season and record your thoughts in your journal.

Tip: As you ponder on the season try to think on the highs/lows, things that stand out, and overall feelings. Try to be realistic and constructive.

What did you learn?: Record all the things you learned this year in your journal.

Tip: Don’t just write down the official lessons you learned in the program. Think about side lessons or tips you picked up from others. Maybe even include non-fencing lessons that have helped you in your day-to-day life?

What was your best fight? Why?: Describe your best or most memorable fight in your journal. Why does that stand out?

Tip: This is a great opportunity to begin compiling your War Stories that you can tell to others later. Do you remember that one time… Oh yeah! That was awesome!

What skill did you improve? How?: Think about what skill improved the most this year and how it happened. Record your findings in your journal.

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just fencing skills. There are a lot of skills that you might have improved and you should be proud of those improvements.

What will you practice next year?: Record ideas in your journal about what you’d like to practice next season.

Tip: List out both short and long term focuses for next season. Some things you can work on during a single practice. Some things might take you all of next season to develop and truly understand.

Who can you learn from?: Think about all the fencers in the group and list who you could learn from and why in your journal.

Tip: You don’t have to establish a Master/Apprentice relationship to learn from someone. List anyone and everyone that might have something you want to learn and ask them to teach you or explain.

Mindmap what you do well: Create a mind map of all the things you do well in your journal.

Tip: One way of doing this is to start with your name in the middle and then list out your strengths on branches. Then on each of your strengths, list out why those are your strengths or why they are important to you.

Mindmap things that affect your confidence: Create a mind map of all the things that affect your confidence.

Tip: One way of creating this mind map is to list out all the things that cause you to lose confidence and then list out all the things that cause you to gain confidence. Try to find a pattern or signals that might help you boost your confidence and avoid the things that hurt your confidence.

When you have completed any of the activities listed above, feel free to share your thoughts and finding on the Garrison. Hopefully, we can all discuss and learn from one another as we try to be Winter Warriors!