Week 2: Record Personal Lore in Your Journal


Accomplish at least 6 of the following listed activities by the end of the week.

Who are you?: Describe who your persona is as a person.

Tip: This would be where you describe your persona’s personality, iconic features, traits, and outlooks. What makes you “you”?

Where are you from?: Decide on where your persona comes from.

Tip: In a broad sense, this could be your persona’s homeland. Are they English, German, Norwegian, etc… Additionally, do they have a hometown or are they travelers that never settle?

When were you born/how old are you?: Write down when your persona was born and/or how old they are now.

Tip: In what time period did your persona live? Was life more medieval or did you participate more in the renaissance of knowledge?

Do you have a family? Who are they?: Detail your family situation and who they are.

Tip: Flushing out your family relations is one of the best way to expand the horizons of your persona. It can give you a lifestyle, upbringing, and a childhood that can be used to explain how you came to be who you are.

What is your backstory? (or add to it): Write down how you would introduce your persona to another person.

Tip: One of the most exciting parts of developing a persona is sharing it with others. Try to develop a summary that you feel comfortable sharing with others and go out and share it.

What are your special skills? Weapons?: Detail any special skills your persona has or weapons they utilize.

Tip: This is another great way to broaden your persona. Describing additional skills gives you opportunities to explain why you chose those skills and how you came to learn them.

What are your talents, hobbies, and/or interests?: Describe if your persona has any additional extracurricular interests outside of Fencing.

Tip: Everyone has a wide variety of things they enjoy and your persona is no exception. Do some research and find things that your persona would be interested in at the time.

How did you connect with Terrasylvae: Write down how your persona encountered and came to join Terrasylvae?

Tip: Finally, taking the time to explain how your persona connected with Terrasylvae can set the stage for additional stories and how they fit within the group. At this point, you’ll want to verify with others if your story might affect them or if any other entity of Woodland is involved.

When you have completed any of the activities listed above, feel free to share your thoughts and finding on the Garrison. Hopefully, we can all discuss and learn from one another as we try to be Winter Warriors! Visit the Order Garrison