What is the “Terrasylvan Village” and its Surrounding Area?

The fictional world of Terrasylvae is a shared-world. What that means is that we can all contribute to the Woodland Realm. Over time, locations, along with characters, have been developed and spoken of throughout the group. Some of these characters and locations are spoken about often like Haute the Demon or Fairy Glen (which is hidden somewhere on this site). Others are spoken of seldomly or are still being developed. For those reasons, it’s hard sometimes to keep track of what or where things are. Read on to learn more about specific locations in our Woodland Realm and beyond!

The World at Large

The world Terrasylvae is set in is a world of the late Middle-Ages in Europe. It’s an idealized version of that time period, akin to Arthurian legends, where things like magic, castles, and a dragons exist but no so much that we fall into High Fantasy.

The Woodland Realm

The Woodland Realm is a vast expanse of forest set in the south-eastern parts of Great Britain. Within that forest are several regions we call Lower, Middle, and Upper Woodland. These areas are vast and have distinct personalities. Any Terrasylvan who has spent time exploring Woodland can immediately tell when they have crossed between one region to another.

Lower Woodland

Lower Woodland is most often considered more wild and uncultivated region of Woodland. Many streams and waterways pass through Lower Woodland and it is the home of the Dryads that help spread the nature’s influence.

Middle Woodland

Middle Woodland lies deep within the Woodland Realm and is where the Terrasylvan Village has been established. This has led to Middle Woodland becoming the tamest and most cultivated area of Woodland. This is also where the Heart of Woodland is located and protected.

Upper Woodland

Upper Woodland is a more dangerous and mountainous region of Woodland. The woods and trees here tend to be more rough and hardy as they grow along the rocky hills. Haute and his Den are located in Upper Woodland for good reason.

Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen is a magical glen and home to the fae in Woodland. Titania and her host can be found there for all those who garner her favor. Under the light of the moon, Fairy Revels often lure travelers with enchanting music and lots of dancing/frivolity. It is a beautiful place, where nature is imbued with magic!

Haute’s Den

The forsaken cave of Haute is a dangerous place to go and should be avoided at all cost. Hidden deep within Upper Woodland, Haute‘s Den emanates with darkness and no sunlight touches it‘s entrance. No one truly knows what is inside the cave. Some have seen vast amounts of treasure or their worst nightmares. No matter the rumor, Haute’s Den should only be approached under dire circumstances.

The Heart of Woodland

The Heart of Woodland is the sacred tree that protects all of Woodland and its residents. The path to the Heart of Woodland is a closely guarded secret kept from outsides, in case those wishing harm upon the forest and Terrasylvae would do it harm. The tree itself is a great old tree that emanates with life and energy. Many who approach the tree feel it speak to their heart and soul.

The Village

The Village itself is the central hub of the denizens of Terrasylvae. It isn’t a large village, but it’s enough. We believe in living within the forest and most building are made with wood and stone. Several shops are encircle the Village Center creating the Market Square. This is where you can find places like the Bakery and the Tavern that many people gather around. From the Village itself are many trails that lead to other prominent Woodland locations like the Chapel.

The Order Garrison

Set a little ways away from the Village is the the Order Garrison. The Order Garrison is a two-story compound with a large courtyard in the back, used for training. This is the headquarters for the Order of the Rose and where all official business concerning the Order passes through. The Captain‘s Office and the Common Room are frequently mentioned place in the Garrison. Additionally, there is a well-stocked kitchen, armory, and vaults in the Garrison.

Fort Iron Thorn

Fort Iron Thorn is set in the ruins of an aged castle. It’s strategically located within Woodland and makes for a great military outpost. Martin Rhyfelwr current commands the Fort and can provide additional details.

The Ranger’s Outpost

I don’t think anyone other than the Ranger‘s truly know where the Ranger‘s Outpost is located. That or it continually moves throughout Woodland as needed.

Locations Outside of Woodland

Master Aaron Carter’s Fencing Academy

Nestled into the treacherous coastline lies an ancient fortress home to Master Aaron Carters Fencing Academy. All are welcome, enrollment is by audition.


A small island off the coast a few miles holding a massive fortress with rich treasure, however it is infested with Norwegian undead, the draugr.


In the dark recesses of the mountains lies Ashenvale, place of the werewolves. Dark rituals and the Lycan strain are cultivated here for those drawn to the moon.

The Lime Sink

Off a well hidden branch of a river are secret Limestone caves. Very few know its location and even fewer can navigate the paths there. It’s said it takes the luck of the fey to find it. A secret haven to those in greatest need. Also a wonderful place to have adventures that border on the otherworldly. Kane ventured and found the Lime Sink with the help of Titania.

Peg’s Boots

Two large black granite rocks that look like boots laying down. They appear as though some giant, long ago, stopped to take a nap flat on their back and never stood up again. They lie exactly one mile from the border of Terrasylvae and are frequently used as the turn around point in races both on foot and horseback.

MacBrayne’s Folly Wall

A stone wall about 4 feet high and 20 feet long comprised of round, roughly head sized rocks from Northern Scotland. It marks the northernmost boundary of the lands under the influence of Terrasylvae.

The Clan Chief of the MacBrayne’s took a page out of Hadrian’s book figuring that if Hadrian could build a wall and claim everything on one side of it for Rome then he could build a wall and claim the other side for the MacBraynes.

He sent a serf to the south of England with a cart full of stones and told him to find a wife, and sire a family, and that the MacBraynes would support him if he and his children built the wall. The serf was to send back the cart back when he’d finished with that lot, and the Chief would send another.

The MacBrayne chief spent his life looking for the finest, round, Scottish stones he could find, sending cart load after cart load to the South. The serf worked his whole life to bring about the building of the wall. It all came to nothing so the locals called it the Folly Wall. The name has stuck and the locals now use it for games during the summer festival and as a berm for sledding in the the winter.

The locals also use the term ‘Folly Wall’ as a euphemism for a lot of work that comes to nothing.”You’re building a Folly Wall chasing after that dream.”

Canton Heath

A large tract of open, uncultivated land North East of Woodland. A wasteland overgrown with heather and shrubs. Mostly unoccupied except for a few humble farmers and miners. Few travel in it over night, and none leave the roads because it is easy to become lost in the heather and sink into bogs and swamps never to be seen again. Some say that at night the wind sounds like lost souls crying to find their way home.

Canton Village & Church

A prosperous village on the edge of Canton Heath. Their main production is wool and all the industries attached to that. Canton is large enough to support a church and Bishop. And is decent place for travelers to catch up on the news, rest, and get a meal. Friendly to most comers.

Woolly’s Tavern

Located in Canton Village the name is a play on words from the local agricultural production and the state of the mind after having visited the tap room. They specialize in spiced honey mead and Viking barley flatbread. It is a large, two story, stone building with wide deep fireplaces that have bench hearths so you can sit next to the fire. The second story is a long empty hall used for various meetings and gatherings. It has an inviting and cheerful atmosphere that the owners cultivate by knowing how to swiftly break up a brawl. Their motto is Be Friendly, or Get Out.


The name is a misnomer, it is actually a lot of stones in three concentric circles, miles out in the middle of Canton Heath. The standing stones, of the outer two rings, cover the gaps of each previous ring layer, so that when you are standing in the center of the inmost ring all you see is a solid wall all around you. Except for two circles cut, one each, into the east wall and the west wall, which line up with the sun at dawn and dusk on the solistice. Depending on your spiritual leanings it is either a pilgrimage site, or a place to be passed quickly by on your way to some place else.

Ellesbeth Cairn

A burial mound for Ellesbeth Peacebringer. The mound is surrounded on three sides by trees. A large rock pile comprised of small rocks, and shale on the bottom, and topped with large boulders, dominates the fourth side. This pile is said to have been formed by the mourners who came to her funeral, each bringing a rock to represent the burden of their grief that she had lifted in their lives. A small stream originating beneath the rocks flows outward into the surrounding Canton Heath. The Bishop of Canton, upon hearing of her death, said “She’d have been a Saint, but that she was pagan.” 

A place of uncommon peace and tranquility. An old place that makes you feel like talking in whispers and saying prayers. Thoughts become clear here, and some say visions are had. Some have even received quests. For those pure enough in heart, that have been able to find their way into the cairn, they have seen the calcified skeleton of the Lady laid out on a hewn ledge, her hand stretched out over the edge in a position of blessing. The humble may kneel before her and place their head under her palm. Only those who have done so can tell the rest.

Blackkoven’s Castle

Control the lands bordering Woodland is our enemy, Merek Blackkoven. His castle over looks Woodland from a distant and is filled with hate and ill-gained fortune. Heavily guarded and fortified, Blackkoven sits behind his towering walls plotting how he will claim Woodland from the vermin called Terrasylvans.

Is there a Map?

Most maps of the Woodland Realm and the Village are personal creations of individual Terrasylvans. This happens for two reasons:

  1. A Terrasylvan‘s personal map can include many notes and discoveries that are applicable to them. Those may include preferred routes through the woods, personal landmarks, and more frequented areas.
  2. The incredible familiarity of our Woodland Realm is a high sought after secret and can be incredibly dangerous. If a detailed map of Woodland were to fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be disastrous. If there were an official map of Woodland in existence, it would be kept secret and locked away. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such an artifact.