When Boredom Strikes

This story was written by Sylas Iorundr

It was a hot day in Woodland with cotton flying through the air and the sun beating down on any and all who dared to trespass into its light. With the smoldering heat it was almost unbearable to perform even the most basic of tasks. For Sylas, who had grown up in the much colder lands near Norway, this was even more of a punishment. However as he sat there observing the unfortunate souls spotted and dragged into training drills in the sun he felt a small twinge of boredom.

If there is anything that can compel Sylas to action it is the concept of being bored for even a moment. As such he decided in that moment to take a page from Perrin’s book and cause some level of mischief to drive his boredom from its current place.

Shortly after his decision he remembered Kane had gone on a small errand which would give him the much needed opportunity to sneak in and add another five or six four-foot stacks of paperwork before Kane arrived back at his office, most of which being completely irrelevant gibberish with just enough important details an information to make Kane read through most of it.

It was only a small number of minutes for him to take the dwindling stacks of paper on Kane’s desk and turn it into a variable castle wall of paper, while replacing the black ink with a brilliant yellow ink specifically designed to attract minor annoyances like bees and other insects. After completing his task he simply dropped down under the window and waited until he heard the inevitable hisssss as Kane returned to the room and saw his apparently regenerative paperwork.

With his prank finished and his boredom driven off Sylas marched off cackling quietly to himself as he hunted down his next victim- err, unwilling participant.

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What does your persona do when they get bored on an average day in Terrasylvae?

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