Who is Haute the Demon?

Haute the Demon is a frequently mentioned character in Terrasylvan Lore. Despite being a Demon, he is consider a Guardian of Woodland and denizen of our Woodland, much to the vexation of both Sylvanus and Titania.

He resides in a cave, aptly named Haute‚Äôs Den, in the Upper Woodland region. It is here that he plots and schemes his nefarious deeds on all those who are foolish enough to stumble into his neck of the woods. We recommend all to stay clear of Haute’s Den and no one should one ever enter the cave proper.

Not much is known of Haute’s origins, although there are many tales and stories told. Some are true, while others are legends or ghost stories told to little Terrasylvans around the campfire. What can be said about Haute though is that he is a cunning creature. Always preying upon the fair maidens of Woodland or plotting his next move to claim a little more of the forest for himself.

We do know that Haute does have a small soft spot for the Terrasylvan people, though he will never admit it openly. For those Terrasylvans who have dared speak with Haute directly, and lived we know that Haute is fond of games and deals. It is no guarantee that Haute will hold true to his word, but many who find themselves in the most desperate situations find themselves on Haute’s doorstep, asking for help. Depending on Haute’s mood, he may or may not offer his help, but there is always a terrible price to be paid. Always.

Gwynneth is an authority on Haute Lore and some say she holds a special place in Haute’s eye, which is probably not the best place to be.

Description of Haute according to Rhiannon
Description of Haute according to Zarka