Who is Sylvanus the Wyvern?

Until very recently, Sylvanus was known as the “Ol‘Wyvern”. He was a nameless Guardian of Woodland only spoken of as rumor and legend.

Sylvanus can be found throughout Woodland’s recorded history and is even mentioned in the old tomes written by the original Terrasylvan who dwelt in Woodland long before even Damian came to the realm. In every record, he is spoke of as a distant protector. Constantly vigilant, but never involved with the comings and goings of life in the forest.

Sylvanus’ main responsibilities seem to be watching over the people who dwell in the forest, as well as keeping the other Woodland Guaridan’s in check. Specifically the constant bickering between Titania and Haute. He never directly opposes either of them, but keeps them in check as they squabble.

Unlike the other Woodland Guardians, Sylvanus is very rarely seen. Those who seek after him never find him and he only appears to those who he deems necessary. From those who say they have seen Sylvanus, the describe him as a dull brown/green wyvern with a single pair of legs in the back and a long horned tail. His mouth seems to constantly emit a subtle smoke, but there have been no reports of breathing fire. He also never speaks aloud, but rather speaks directly to the mind of those in his presence.

Kane is an authority on Sylvanus lore and was the Terrasylvan who was granted the knowledge of Sylvanus name, of which he has been known more recently.