Winter Warrior Challenge 2017

Hey Everyone! Sadly, I just wanted to remind you that the fencing season is over and that we won’t be having practice again until March. That doesn’t mean you should go all winter without fencing, no sir! As I mentioned at the Torchlight Tourney, and getting the idea from Challe, I present the Winter Warrior Challenge.

This challenge is meant to help you work on very basic fencing skills for 100 days. That’s just enough time before the fencing season starts again. Simply mark off each day you complete the exercise which will progressively get more and more challenging as time goes on

Before you start, I wanted to also give some brief tips to each challenge that may not be clear in the charts.

Footwork Challenge:
This challenge is broken up into sets and repetitions. The set is one time across a room or space and then back using the footwork pattern. A repetition is every time you perform the footwork pattern as described in the PDF.

Block Challenge:
This challenge is broken up into sets as well. Each set is all 8 Basic Blocks, done in order. Between each Block you should reset to basic stance. For added challenge, you can add an attack after each block, but before reseting.

Point Control Challenge:
This challenge is meant to work on your aim and judging range. Start with a large target and get smaller as you become more consistent.

Blade Exercises Challenge:
This challenge is meant to strengthen your arm and increase your endurance. The first several days use a number like “.40”. That means 40 seconds. After you get to one minute it will indicate either full or half minutes.

I wish you all the best of luck and I hope many of you will accept the Winter Warrior challenge with me! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!