Winter Warrior Challenge: Week 1

This week the challenge will focus on the Foundational Pillar of Attitude, and it will be a Physical challenge. The intention being to get our New Year, and this part of our fencing journey, started off with a good dose of positivity. I hear the groans already. No worries. I am a super introvert and don’t believe in false enthusiasm, so this challenge probably isn’t what you’re dreading. And remember, you can adapt any challenge as you see fit. If you don’t like this one, share a new one with us and we can all learn together. This is your journey, own it.

As part of our group culture we believe in being Swordsmen on and off the field. This weeks challenge is really three mini-Attitude challenges to get you thinking like a Swordsman off the field mainly, but that will also help you on the field with things like courtesy, generosity, and clear mental focus.

They are as follows:

Write a thank you note to someone who has done something nice for you.

After the holidays this is a great one! There is probably a parent or a friend out there that made your holidays better and now is a great time to thank them for that. Want to make it easier? Text, message, or email them. Want to make it harder? Call them or visit with them in person. What ever you choose make it meaningful. The world is a better place with gratitude in it.

Do something nice for some one else whether you get recognized for it or not.

Everyone out there is a fighting a battle we don’t know anything about. We understand battles on the melee field but maybe not the fight that our friends and comrades fight in their hearts. Be kinder than necessary. It might mean the world to someone.

Take some you time to be kind to your self.

For example do some yoga, watch a favorite movie uninterrupted, try some meditation guided or on your own. In short, do something to relax and clear your head for a significant amount of time. A better you makes a better world.

How does any of this make me a better fencer, some of you may ask? Well if you’re thinking it will help you with a better disengage or a faster riposte they probably won’t. At least not right away. But they will help you have a better Attitude. Fencers with positive attitudes fight better and recover from losses faster. If you’re recovering from losses faster, you’ll have more and better fight time. More and better fight time gets you the overall practice you need to work on those disengages and ripostes. Good Attitude equals better fencing.

I personally have already taken the time in my fencing journey to do all of these things, more than once actually. These are the things I lean on when I need a jump start in my fencing journey. From my own experience, I have found them to be extremely helpful. Particularly yoga. Come with me if you’d like to. I’d love to do a workout with friends. I challenge you to try these mini-challenges out and see if they help you too. Please share your Journey so we can all learn together.

I believe in you Winter Warriors! Shaky Tail!