The World’s Vein

I won’t lie to you, learning to control these powers will not be easy. It will test you and break you down to your very foundations. You might at times feel that you are going to die, or that you’ve gone mad. Most days, you will want to flee from this place, and forget you ever heard of magic. But, I promise you, if you dedicate yourself now, and push through the pain and frustration, you will learn magic. There won’t be anything that is not possible, and you will discover knowledge and secrets beyond the grasp of ordinary man.

An Empty Grave: Part 2

“Sometimes,” he said, looking into his nephew’s eyes, “people cry because they’re hurt. Other times, it’s because someone or something they love isn’t there anymore, and they miss them very much. Or,” he paused, thinking, “there are people out there who are just sad sometimes. They’ve had to live through things that have made them sad, even though they might not know why, and they can’t help but cry.” he smiled sadly, though reassuringly at Lysander. “They aren’t bad or scary at all. Maybe they just need someone to give them a hug, and tell them they love them.”

An Empty Grave: Part 1

Lorcan was in a thunderous mood. Due to his nightmares, he had hardly slept at all the last few nights, and sleep deprivation was taking a definite toll on him. He was almost to the point where he could see and hear things that weren’t there. In fact, he wasn’t entirely sure he wasn’t. His … Read More

Gathering Clouds

Another muffled caw came through the window, “Lorcan MacBroin, you open your window! I’ll bring Valkyries next time if you don’t!”

Trivial Tales 2

Those were Kane’s apples, the prized apples of Woodland, the golden apples of the Hesperides. Kane threatened death to those that took even a single apple without permission, and somehow, he had an entire box of them.

All My Sins: Part 9-Confession

“The MacBroins have always been a disgrace,” continued the pale boy.  “They have always been liars, cowards, and failures.  You, though, are the crowning jewel.  You’ll always be the pale, sniveling boy waiting for mother to come back.”