The Three Sisters

Yet despite the legends and dangers present, still people try to reach the tops of these stone columns, only to fall to their deaths below. There are some skeptics who don’t believe that there’s anything at the top of these stones at all, that they’re myths created by vindictive people, or even Haute himself.

Karinith of Terrasylvae: Part 2

For whatever reason, on this particular day, Karinith couldn’t go more than a few steps outside the village before she suddenly found herself right back where she left. At first, Karinith thought it nothing more than choosing the wrong path. But when all the paths into the woods were closed to her, her annoyance grew into frustration. It was far from done with her…

Legends of Terrasylvae: Origins

Terrasylvae still chooses those who walk in its shaded paths and byways. Why, no one can say, but it is not the personalities of men who decide who enters and who leaves: it’s the woods itself, listening for the souls who long for more than life can give, who long for a second chance. The worthy are always found within the borders of Terrasylvae.