The Fairy and The Bloodhound

If you’ve read Nervon’s character page, you may have noticed he has a knack for capturing Titania’s fairies. This just so happens to be what he does with them. Not for the faint of heart!

Legends of Terrasylvae: Origins

Terrasylvae still chooses those who walk in its shaded paths and byways. Why, no one can say, but it is not the personalities of men who decide who enters and who leaves: it’s the woods itself, listening for the souls who long for more than life can give, who long for a second chance. The worthy are always found within the borders of Terrasylvae.

Adventure to the Lime Sink: Part 1

Off a well hidden branch of a river are secret Limestone caves. Very few know its location and even fewer can navigate the paths there. It’s said it takes the luck of the fey to find it. A secret haven to those in greatest need. Also a wonderful place to have adventures that border on the otherworldly.