Damian Azure: He’s Been Doing This for 20 YEARS!

We have ONE DAY left before we start Terrasylvae’s 20th Year and that is quite an accomplishment. Who would have guessed back in 1999, when Terrasylvae first started, that we would be where we are today and still growing. Thanks to those founding Terrasylvans, so many of us have been blessed with a refuge in the woods, a family of outcasts, and hobbies to love. For that, I say THANK YOU!

But today, before we get into the season, we would like to recognize one of those founders: Damian Azure. It’s his birthday today! So to celebrate, I scrounged through his Facebook photos and picked some highlights. I consider these photos proof that Damian really has been at this for 20 YEARS! Most of us have barely been alive for 20 years, and all the while Damian has been at this Terrasylvan thing, sharing his adventures and having a blast.

So enjoy these photos and please share your favorite stories of Damian in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Damian Azure: He’s Been Doing This for 20 YEARS!”

  1. Damian has been my friend for more than 25 years! He has always been there for me no matter what. He is everything a best friend is supposed to be. There are so many stories and great things that he has done. But overall, he is my best friend, and a beacon in my life. Thanks for being born Damian!

  2. My 2nd son thought Damian was the COOLEST uncle ever because he had swords under his bed! He did an awesome job teaching my kids the rules of fencing and to fence and help them feel included even when they were too young to fight with the whole company. Thank you for being an awesome uncle!!

  3. Damian is my favorite person in all the world. He can tell a story that makes you laugh harder than anyone else. He has perfected the art of “street-fight” fencing. He’s truly a wonderful person who has given his blood, sweat, and tears to this group. I love him.

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