Map of Woodland

Woodland has been Terrasylvae’s home since the beginning. Within this forest realm, we gather as friends, learn together, and grow as individuals. It has changed over time, but we love and protect Woodland with a fiery passion. It can seem foreign, though, to visitors and newcomers alike.

I forget that learning the lay of the land is just as important as learning any of the lessons in the training program. It has come to my attention that many new members have felt confused or left out when places like the Heart of Woodland, Haute’s Den, or the Lower Field are mentioned and they have no idea where those locations are. For that reason, this Woodland Watch is dedicated to becoming more familiar with our wooded home.

UPDATE: New Section Added to Introduction Lesson

The Introduction Lesson is the very first lesson everyone has when they are joining the group. It goes over many of the basics and what is expected in the group, but I’ve realized it is missing one thing: a tour of Woodland!

Those who teach the Introduction Lesson should now take some time to go over the map of Woodland and/or walk through the park as a group of Newcomers or additional Officers/Swordsmen if there is only one Newcomer. Hopefully, this will help alleviate the confusion of being an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar landmarks and terminology.

Map of Woodland

Below is a map that highlights some of the most common landmarks and locations mentioned within the group. Each of those are marked by a number that is referenced to in the map’s legend. The red dotted-lines mark trails through the forest that you can follow. Finally, Woodland is made up of three sections: Upper, Middle, and Lower Woodland. These sections are separated by pavement or asphalt.

Download Map of Woodland

Heart of Woodland

In Terrasylvan Lore, the Heart of Woodland is the oldest tree in the forest. The Heart of Woodland on the right side of the trail as you head towards the bench in Middle Woodland.


The Pavilion is located above the parking lot as you enter Woodland. It is where most of our practices are held.

The Castle

The Castle in Middle Woodland is the cement theater over looking the Upper Field.

Upper Field

The Upper Field is located in Middle Woodland, just below the Castle. It is the primary field we use because of its central location.

Lower Field

The Lower Field is located in Lower Woodland on the other side of the parking lot.

Haute’s Den

Haute’s Den is a small grove in Upper Woodland just off the left side of trail. It’s recognizable by the large boulders scattered around.

Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen is a small grove behind the Pavilion.

Explore Woodland

The best way to familiarize yourself with our forest home is to explore. The map above only covers the most common features of Woodland. There are many secret paths, locations, and mysteries waiting to be discovered. Take some time at practice to just walk through Woodland and enjoy its embrace.

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  1. Lower woodland, there’s so many places to ambush other fencers and we just don’t use it enough.

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