Terrasylvan Lore


Terrasylvan Lore 101

In this Woodland Watch, I try to give a brief overview of the most common elements of Terrasylvan Lore. This is a great starting point for anyone unfamiliar with our group's lore and mythos.

Do Not Hesitate to Add to Terrasylvae Lore

With each new addition to Terrasylvae’s shared story, it becomes a more lively place. The colors deepen, the world gets a little bigger, and the magic grows. Do not hesitate to add your touch of creativity to this place we call home. Fill out the form below and submit your piece.

Our Storytellers

Shayen Locke

Kane Driscol

Lorcan MacBroin



Sylas Iorundr

Miren Folley


Otiliah Vuhs


Sedos Diacus

Jay Squawkers



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