Lore Questionnare:

1. What do you look like?: Menacing, dark, medium build, wearing all black.
2. Where do you call home?: Blackkoven’s current residence.
3. Describe your childhood and general upbringing: Taken from mother at young age, (age unknown) trained and skilled in hunting Mythical beasts for sport.
4. What are your best qualities?: Stealth, knifing, marksman.
5. Describe your worst qualities or vices a.k.a your bad habits: Likes to torture before beheading.
6. Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer?: Leather, dark, stealth-silent.
7. Describe your personality in two words: Veron’s Nemesis/Veron’s opposite.
8. Describe your favorite things: Dragons heart, Pegasus wings, unicorn horn, werewolf pelt, vampire fangs/dust – trophies.
9. Describe the things you dislike: Humans, love.
10. What things should others know about you?: If you are between me and my objective, you will die. Blackkoven is my master.. for now.
11. How do you feel you fit in the group? What role do you fill?: N\A
12. What principle do you value most in life?: The thrill of the kill.
13. What is your most treasured possession?: I possess one of Titania’s fairies still alive to this day.
14. Who do you value most in the world?: Me and me alone. I will somewhat respect Blackkoven.
15. Who (or what) is your Nemesis?: Veron – soon to be but he doesn’t know it yet.
16. Who (or what) do you owe allegiance to?:
17. What do you need most?: Adrenaline.
18. Describe one Social, Professional, and/or Romantic goal: Replace Blackkoven.
19. How do you believe your goal(s) can be accomplished?: After understanding how he does everything, then take out the line of succession, then him.
20. What event or action in your life do you regret the most?: Not killing Sylvanas when given the chance.
21. What event or action in your life are you proudest of?: Stealing Titania’s fairies.
22. What have you been doing the last few years of your life?: Preparing to steal a source of power that Haute summoned and Terrasylvae has obtained.
23. What are you skilled or talented at?: Scouting and reconnaissance.
24. Which, if any, of the Woodland Guardians do you have an affinity towards?: None, they are all heathens that must be brought to justice.
25. Any additional details you’d wish to include?: I will be the new leader of this ragged Corp. Everyone will bow to my will. Blackkoven will know his failure soon enough.