Timeless Members (Unknown Time)

These are members who we are not sure when they joined, however have record for. Aeden (Likely joined between 2006 – 2013) Allana Andrew (Not Thayne) Ashack Asonder Bogatir Carron Chiquita Cliff Hatch Dragos Ideco Gerheart Villhelm Ivan Grozni Lynx Makayla (Likely joined between 2006 – 2013) Ovara (Likely joined between 2006 – 2013) Pierce … Read More

Fencing Conference (05/22/2020)

This week we discussed and tried to come up with some ideas about what we can do for this next Dance Card session going for the next two weeks. We can finish our “Dances” with our partners on June 5th which is the date that we’ve slated to be able to fence normally again!

How to Use/Install Discord

In this article, I will go over with steps and pictures of how to install Discord onto a PC, as well as some features that you need to know about! That way you can be confident on joining us for future Fencing Conferences and other things that will appear in Discord!

Members Who Joined: 2019 – ???

2019 Athen Slate (Trevor Anderson) Becca (Rebecca Wiker) Drakis (Richard Hall) Duane Larson Jennifer Jensen Monde Murphy Nakisha Anderson Ninera (Jeffrey Dosdall) Rikshar Sam Selkie Nyx (Clara Allen-Catington) Tamera Ysabel Emma Shanden Eify (Teia Wheeler) Shalbar (Caleb Tinsley) Jaden (Jaden Kay) Dan (Daniel Anderson) Demien (Natasha Buechele) Frederick (William Buechele) Mercedes (Karlie Woodruff) Willow (Willow … Read More

The Fairy and The Bloodhound

If you’ve read Nervon’s character page, you may have noticed he has a knack for capturing Titania’s fairies. This just so happens to be what he does with them. Not for the faint of heart!


Bio: Lore Questionnare: 1. What do you look like?: Menacing, dark, medium build, wearing all black.2. Where do you call home?: Blackkoven’s current residence.3. Describe your childhood and general upbringing: Taken from mother at young age, (age unknown) trained and skilled in hunting Mythical beasts for sport.4. What are your best qualities?: Stealth, knifing, marksman.5. … Read More