Elydrie rose to her feet, now dubbed a Swordsman of the Order of the Rose. As the company cheered, Elydrie smiled as she saw the faces of many loved ones. She had found a place in her heart for each one of the Terrasylvans. They were her family. Elydrie’s smile faded as she realised she would soon be leaving them.

Forget Me Not

Elydrie arrives at Woodland unexpectedly. Even she doesn’t know how she arrived. In fact, she can’t recall a single memory.

Shay’s Timeline, Part 1: Arriving

I arrived in Woodland with nothing but my name, the clothes I wore, and that case of salt. It was a buzzing environment. I liked the hustle and bustle of the place. It was as though all the best parts of the world, without any of the bad, had come together in one perfect setting. It was a pure wonder to me.