Lore Questionnaire:

  1. What do you look like?: Elydrie looks like me. Long blonde hair always in a braid, blue eyes, freckles, etc.
  2. Where do you call home?: Terrasylvae! Obviously!
  3. Describe your childhood and general upbringing: Good question. Elydrie has no recollection of her childhood.
  4. What are your best qualities?: Being a friend to all, being cheerful and happy.
  5. Describe your worst qualities or vices a.k.a your bad habits: Tends to be hard on herself
  6. Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer?: Anything comfortable and functional. If it’s socially acceptable for Terrasylvan women to wear pants (haha, no idea if that works in that universe), Elydrie would be wearing that.
  7. Describe your personality in two words: Loving, searching
  8. Describe your favorite things: Elydrie loves music, the woods, Shay’s bakery, fencing, and just listening.
  9. Describe the things you dislike: It’s interesting that Elydrie is a member of the Order of the Rose at all, because Elydrie despises the idea of ever having to kill anyone or anything, even just as defence. She dislikes being looked down on, whether it’s because she’s young or a woman or ignorant. She also dislikes not knowing where she came from.
  10. What things should others know about you?: Elydrie doesn’t remember her past life and gets frustrated about that, but she loves Terrasylvae so dang much and wants to help all the people there as much as she can, but she finds it hard to balance that when she doesn’t know who she is.
  11. How do you feel you fit in the group? What role do you fill?: Elydrie helps in Shay’s bakery. She strives to be the group’s pick-me-up.
  12. What principle do you value most in life?: Love. Elydrie’s whole goal is to love and to show that through word and deed.
  13. What is your most treasured possession?: Elydrie has a necklace that’s a forget-me-not encased in glass (like the Ines we used for site tokens recently. Kane, could your persona make that for Elydrie? Or should she find somewhere else to do this?) The forget-me-not is the only thing she has left of her past life.
  14. Who do you value most in the world?: As of right now it’s Shay, because Elydrie has no one to turn to and Shay took her in.
  15. Who (or what) is your Nemesis?: Elydrie’s lack of memory.
  16. Who (or what) do you owe allegiance to?: The Order of the Rose, Shay’s bakery.
  17. What do you need most?: To discover who she is.
  18. Describe one Social, Professional, and/or Romantic goal: Elydrie just hopes to be her best self in all aspects of life.
  19. How do you believe your goal(s) can be accomplished?: By loving everybody!
  20. What event or action in your life do you regret the most?: Whatever led to her forgetting everything.
  21. What event or action in your life are you proudest of?: Becoming a swordsman.
  22. What have you been doing the last few years of your life?: Helping in Shay’s bakery, building a cabin for herself, becoming a swordsman.
  23. What are you skilled or talented at?: Singing, listening, hopefully sword fighting.
  24. Which, if any, of the Woodland Guardians do you have an affinity towards?: Sylvanus
  25. Any additional details you’d wish to include?: Nah, you can read more in stories I’ll write. 😉