Terrasylvae Foolish Questions

You’ve all heard foolish questions and no doubt you’ve wondered why,

Some person will ask a foolish question and expect a sane reply.

Suppose Ja’ika gets flowers for Tilly, though seldom this may be,

You notice how quickly she’ll grab them and say, “Are these for me?”

Foolish Questions! He may answer, if he can:

“Why no I bought these for your Mother, or my other girlfriend, Pam!”

“I just thought you’d like to see them. No I will take them right away.”

Now wasn’t that a foolish question? You’ll hear them every day.

And then the other morning, around the Captain’s place,

Kane takes a shaving brush and lathers up his face.

And as he gives the razors a preliminary wave,

Miren walks up and ask him, “Are you going to shave?”

Foolish questions! His answer is, I hope:

“No! I’m not prepared for shaving, I just like the taste of soap!

I like to take the shaving brush and paint my face this way.”

Now wasn’t that a foolish question! You’ll hear them every day!

Then there is the time when Rhiannon meets with Shay,

And asks her why she is all dressed up and listens to her say:

“I am just returning from the funeral of dear old Uncle Ned.”

And as soon as she is finished, she will say, “Oh, is he dead?”

Foolish questions! She might as well reply:

“No, he thought he’d have the funeral now, then later on he’d die.

You know Ned was always so original, he wanted it that way.”

Now wasn’t that a Foolish Question? You’ll hear them every day!

Now suppose that Ul’vade is way up high, fighting on a cliff,

And he should tumble down, because a shot was way too stiff.

And as he hits the bottom and he is lying there inert,

Veron, will run up to him and ask, “Ul’vade, are you hurt?”

Foolish Questions! His dying words are: “Why, no!

I was in an awful hurt and the other way was just too slow.

I thought it would save some time, you know, coming down this way.”

Now wasn’t that a Foolish Question? You’ll hear them every day!

Remember when Damian has been gone for several days or week?

What do you supposed Draco will ask him the first time that he speaks?

He will come right up and give his arm a whack.

And then he will say, “Hey Damian, are you back?”

Foolish Questions! He will answer, loud and clear:

“Why no, I’m not back at all, I may be gone all year!

You see, I am on a fishing trip, and I may have lost my way.”

Now wasn’t that a Foolish Question? You’ll hear them every day!