Terrasylvan Twenty Year Celebration!

To all Terrasylvans past and present, and their friends and allies throughout the years.

In late May of 1999, Rhiannon and a handful of High School kids who couldn’t drive to SCA meetings met in the Kovac’s backyard for a feast, bardic, and dancing. None of us had any idea that twenty years in the future we would not only still be playing together, but that we would have created a group with members too numerous to count who had changed each others’ lives.

This sounds corny, but it is true. (How many married couples out there met in Terrasylvae? Well, we’ll count that out later!)

Many have come and been part of our circle, and then been carried away by life to different shores. But together, we celebrate the start of another glorious two decades. To the Glory of the Rose!

Schedule of Events Held

Friday Night Bardic

Hosted by the previous year’s bard, Kane (who broke the bardic staff, but later fixed it), we gathered in the pavilion due to whether and enjoyed the performances of the following:

Elydrie claimed the title of Shire Bard, but will pass the title to Tilly when she leaves on Crusade in August.


Archery Championship: Hosted by last year’s Champion, Don. Held under the pavilion with Nerf bows, due to weather. Dubhglas claimed the title of Shire Archery Champion.

Arts & Science Competition: Introduced this year by Rhiannon. Held under the pavilion throughout the day, we voted with buttons and rocks for whose display of creativity we enjoyed the most. In the end, Miren claimed the title of Arts & Science Champion with her painting of the Heart of Woodland.

Rapier Championship: Hosted by last year’s Champion, Kane. In a Round Robin tournament, Veron faced Damian in the finals that lasted to sudden death. Veron claimed the title of Shire Rapier Champion.

Iron Thorn Championship: Hosted by last year’s Champion, Damian Azure. Going through each style of combat and being randomly assigned opponent’s, Kane faced Dubhglas in the finals. In the end, Kane claimed the title of Iron Thorn Champion.

THE FEAST! Hosted by this year’s Feastocrat, Ul’vade. Throughout the feast, stories and songs were presented. Damian told the story of how Sylvanus came to be the guardian of Woodland and the Heart of Woodland was born. Sedos, Damian, Kane, and Shay performed the Order of the Rose anthem, Over the Hills and Far Away. Much food was prepared and devoured.

Twenty-Year Ball. Hosted by our dance master, Rhiannon. Dances both new and old were taught and shared, including crowd favorites of Hole in the Wall and Korabushka!


For more pictures, check out our Facebook Album for the event and please share any additional images you have!