The Generations of Terrasylvae

Terrasylvae was founded way back in 1999 as a community of friends and family, open to anyone who wanted to learn without fear of ridicule or judgement. It was a safe haven for outcasts, vagabonds, and misfits who needed a family like group of friends. 

As the group grew, the goal was to continue to provide a refuge from the tumultuous world around us and to ensure that everyone was welcome around our fire; to be treated as equals. The ideas of Safety, Honor, Attitude, and Skill encouraged us to remain loyal to what Terrasylvae stood for and to share that belief with others. 

As Terrasylvans, we believe in Honor, where none is found; Adventure, in everything we do; and Camaraderie with everyone we meet. Through Terrasylvae, each member will be part of something greater than themselves, experience grand adventures, forge new friendships, and learn new skills. This is what it means to be a Terrasylvan.

My Generational Breakdown

Over the years, many people have joined Terrasylvae and each one has added something to the group and helped it grow, but there have also been distinct eras that we call “Generations.” Each generation built upon the previous and set the stage for the next. These generations added their own history and stories to the group. I’ve tried to summarize each generation by how they influenced the group at the time.

  • 1st Generation: 99-01 “The Founders”
    • The Founders were those who founded the group and started this journey for us all. The Founders shared in a belief that was greater than themselves and set out to make their beliefs a reality.
  • 2nd Generation: 02-04 “The Followers”
    • The Followers admired what the Founders had done and were the first to join the cause. They wanted to be a part of Terrasylvae because they too believed in what the Founders believed and were inspired to share it with others.
  • 3rd Generation: 05-07 “The Dreamers”
    • The Dreamers caught hold of the dream that is Terrasylvae and wanted to push it forward. Seeing that the group reached its fullest potential was their own dream.
  • 4th Generation: 08-10 “The Resolute”
    • The Resolute were passionate about Terrasylvae and resolved to make the group something they were. Not just something they did.
  • 5th Generation: 11-13 “The Fellowship”
    • The Fellowship had a feeling for what the glory of the rose was and shared it with many of their friends. They invited everyone they could to join them around the fire.
  • 6th Generation: 14-16 “The Adventurers”
    • The Adventurers were willing to try anything and everything Terrasylvae had to offer. They branched out and helped rekindle different aspects of Terrasylvae we have today.
  • 7th Generation: 17-? “???”
    • The 7th Generation is ongoing and has yet to be defined. Only time will tell how the 7th Generation of Terrasylvae will impact the group. 

Comings and Goings

All in all, there have been hundreds of people who have be influenced by Terrasylvae. Whether that is by joining our ranks or by simple association, Terrasylvae has impacted many lives. Unfortunately, not every person who comes to Woodland can stay forever.

Winds change and lives are pulled in different directions. There are many people who remain a part of Terrasylvae in memory and during this festive time of year, we try to look back and remember those who are no longer with us regularly. Everyone is welcome around our fire. We enjoy their company while they are here and we’ll miss them when they’re gone. But, despite the comings and goings, those who leave us will find that they still have a place around the fire when they choose to come back.

Some people come and go and are forgotten. But there are other people who share a part in our destinies. They come, they go, but they are never forgotten. They come, they go, but even after they go… they’re still here. They never really went anywhere.

C. JoyBell C.

Challenge to Reach Out

As nostalgic as Terrasylvae is, we do like to live in the present and enjoy what we have. We are currently seeing such a growth and vibrant spirit in this era of our group. It’s simply astonishing! We are welcoming Newcomers each and every week and more and more people are being exposed to the magic that is Terrasylvae. We hope that will continue as we push forward into the future, but let us not forget our legacy. 

Throughout May, as we celebrate Terrasylvae’s Birthday, each one of us should make an effort to reach out to those not in our own generation. Those new to the group and those in more recent generations should make an effort to leave your “clique” and reach out to those who have come before you. They have a wealth of knowledge, stories, and experience that will do nothing but enliven your understanding of Terrasylvae. Those who have been here longer and those of older generations should reach out to the younger generations and help them develop a burning love for Terrasylvae and what it means. Additionally, the energetic nature of a Newcomer can light a fire in our soul and remind us of the magic and joy that is the dream of Terrasylvae.