The Original Order of the Rose Training Manual

Order of the Rose was established by Michael Kovacs (Lord Damian Azure) and Christopher Barber (Lord Fenton Montero) in 1999. The first practice was held in the foyer of Viewmont High School and had a grand total of 3 attendees.

From the outset, Damian and Fenton hoped to have a good fencing team in roughly 5 years. Two years later (2001), the Terra Sylvan Fencers were noticed by the SCA at a summer fighting event as a group of honorable, dedicated, and skilled fighters, and a force worthy of praise. The Company has had as many as 40 fencers at a practice, and has had as many as 90 active members on its web site

The Terra Sylvan Fencers hold an annual event in Woodland Park called Woodland Wars, to which they invite the SCA. Swordsmen are invited to wear the official uniform, the black tabard with their choice of color inside. Though the number of members rises and falls sporadically, we still remain as a well respected company. Order of the Rose was established as a company open to anyone who wanted to learn how to fence, without fear of ridicule or judgement.

We welcome safe, honorable, fun-loving people who desire to become skilled swordsmen.