What is your most memorable Night Games moment?

3 thoughts on “What is your most memorable Night Games moment?”

  1. I remember one time when we were playing the vampire hunt game, I had decided to hide along the thin row of trees on the south side of Lower Woodland. I knew the cover was pretty sparse there but my hope was that no one would really consider it a potential hiding spot and overlook it. Everything was going well for the first little bit but it was only a matter of time before people started scouring Lower Woodland. I knew I’d have to improve my current condition so I slide up next to a fallen log and got really friendly. Pulled my hood up and crossed my fingers they would mistake me for the log. A minute later, Tilly came by and actually stepped OVER me as she shined her flashlight through the area before moving on. Probably the most heart-thumping moment of suspense I’ve had at Night Games.

  2. I remember a time, also in a Vampire Hunt, where I was hiding in Upper Woodland just above Haute’s Den. Which is a creepy place any way. There is a steep hill there, and at one point the trail splits. One side of the trail continuing into Upper Woodland and the other to the hidden trail along a rock wall. There is a little plateau above the split with a tree and a bush atop it. I nestled between them. I had unfortunately forgotten to turn off my alarm on my cell phone and it kept going off every five minutes, where on I would quickly click the power button through my pocket because I didn’t dare pull it out and create a shining beacon of myself. It seemed loud enough to wake the dead. My heart was practically in my throat the whole time. But, fortunately for me, “Vampires passed to my right and to my left just below me on both trails so close I could have reached out and touched their heads. But none of them saw me. I survived!

  3. Does anyone remember that time a few years back when it had rained before night games and all the trails were pretty much mud? Well, we were doing Slenderman and I had bumped into Martin and Ulvade when, suddenly, Slendy appeared down the trail. The three of us screamed like little girls and ran in the opposite direction as fast as we could. But it was uphill, and slick, and my shoes didn’t have great traction. WHAP! Face down in the mud. With a Slendy behind me. And then, in perfect unison, each of the guys grabbed one of my arms and pulled me up to my feet. I seriously did not have to stand up. We ran away and outdistanced Slenderman. It was incredible terrifying and dramatic. And as we ran I was thinking, “WOW! That was seriously a moment out of a horror flick!” And then the realization clicked in: “Oh no. . .I’m THAT girl.” On one hand, I was saying “Awww, they didn’t abandon me,” and on the other, “There’ll be no living with them now. . .”

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