Terrasylvae is a Shared World

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Facebook group this week, you have been missing out. Nostalgia has set in on Terrasylvae and there has been a flood of pictures, art, and memories from the group’s rich history. It has been amazing to watch and learn more about our group and who has helped shape it into what it is today, but the best part of Terrasylvae is that it doesn’t just live in the past. Terrasylvae continues to grow with each new generation because it is a shared world.

Gwynneth said it best with her post early Monday morning:

So we have been posting a lot of old stuff lately, but one thing I love about Terrasylvae is that it grows with each new generation. We are a talented, creative group of misfits who have found a home together. What lore, art, and stories do our current members have to share? How has Terrasylvae influenced your imagination? Kane has called for stories on the website I think. How can we help?

Gwynneth Kovacs

We forget sometimes that Terrasylvae is a shared world and that it only grows when we are willing to be creative and add to it. The older generations are resources to understand the original lore and what should remain constant through the interweaving web of our stories and experiences. We only have to ask for their help to understand Terrasylvae more and then we are free to add to this world we call home. As Gwynneth said, what lore, art, and stories do you have to share?

Adding Lore to Terrasylvae

The Lore of Terrasylvae is kind of like the mythos of the world. It is where the legends, myths, and places of the Woodland Realm reside. We’ve all heard of Haute, Titania, Sylvanus, and the Heart of Woodland. These would be considered some pieces of lore that support the world as a whole. Adding lore to Terrasylvae is like helping to flush out the world itself and make it a more vibrant place. It breathes life into each of our imaginations and gives us opportunities to experience them for ourselves. This can also include persona stories like The Once and Future Kane or The Last Priest by Lorcan and Locke and Folley by Shay

Adding Art to Terrasylvae

The Art of Terrasylvae is a beautiful thing because it’s taking the vision of our imagination and making it available to been seen by everyone. Those gifted with an artistic ability can express the magic of Terrasylvae in a way that is impactful and everlasting. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Terrasylvae isn’t about being perfect. It’s about expressing our talents and creativity for others to enjoy. Here are some great examples of Terrasylvan Art. 

Haute, and “victim.” by Gwynneth Kovacs
Early Terrasylvan paperdolls drawn by Lizzy Kovacs
Pencil drawing of a young Kane Driscol by Miren Folley
Damian and his katana by Gwynneth Kovacs

Adding Stories to Terrasylvae

Another way that we can build the shared world of Terrasylvae is by simply sharing our stories. Terrasylvans love a good story and we have so many to tell. Each of us have a different perspective and the memories that stand out to you may be very different than what stands out to someone else. We tell stories at practice to explain scenarios or share stories online like The Forlorn Hope by Sedos and A Moment Worth Living For by Shay for example. Each story adds to the shared world of Terrasylvae by giving the other members a glimpse into your perspective and experience within the group, even if the story is fiction.

Personalized Journal Pages

In the Build the Lore of Terrasylvae article, I called for stories and pieces of lore created by members of the group. While many of you have been writing those stories, I have been developing personalized journal pages that members can use to submit and showcase their work and anything you have to offer. 

I’ve already had the privilege of working with Shay and Sedos in the creation of each of their pages. You can see examples of these by checking out the blog and looking for their journal entries like The Forlorn Hope by Sedos and Obsession by Shay.

These personalized journal pages can include all aspects of Terrasylvae life and makes it easy for others to see and share in your creativity. All I need to create a personalized journal page for you is:

  1. Your name
  2. Your personal color
  3. Your personal symbol
  4. Your favorite type of landscape

After that, I will work with you personally to build out the page and then work with you on the best methods of receiving submission. Once you have a piece created, it doesn’t take long for me to get them up on the website for others to enjoy.

Do Not Hesitate to Add to Terrasylvae

With each new addition to Terrasylvae’s shared story, it becomes a more lively place. The colors deepen, the world gets a little bigger, and the magic grows. Do not hesitate to add your touch of creativity to this place we call home. Find a way that works for you and makes you excited to be a part of Terrasylvae, then share it with others.

Start your own Personalized Journal

If you would like to have your own personalized journal page, please fill out the form completely and I will get in touch with you to work out any additional details