Keening: Part 2 – Summons

Lorcan sighed. “Great. All I need to do is outwit the queen of the Fae and move a large boulder which is supposedly impossible to move, all to retrieve some kind of terrible treasure that even Titania felt was too dangerous to use, and may not even exist.” He turned to Dyn Hysbys. “Does that sound about right?”

Forget Me Not

Elydrie arrives at Woodland unexpectedly. Even she doesn’t know how she arrived. In fact, she can’t recall a single memory.

Who is Sylvanus the Wyvern?

Unlike the other Woodland Guardians, Sylvanus is very rarely seen. Those who seek after him never find him and he only appears to those who he deems necessary.

What is Terrasylvae Lore?

Our goal is to give a brief overview for those who are unfamiliar with Terrasylvan Lore and to request for further insight from those who are more familiar.

The Duskwood

Draco #1 The night’s first black is grey,As darkness conquers day… It started in the war. Not at the start of the war, nor anywhere near any sort of resolution. It was that part of a war that always seems to slip through the cracks of history to be lost in the void where all … Read More

The World’s Vein

I won’t lie to you, learning to control these powers will not be easy. It will test you and break you down to your very foundations. You might at times feel that you are going to die, or that you’ve gone mad. Most days, you will want to flee from this place, and forget you ever heard of magic. But, I promise you, if you dedicate yourself now, and push through the pain and frustration, you will learn magic. There won’t be anything that is not possible, and you will discover knowledge and secrets beyond the grasp of ordinary man.